And Here I Thought I’d be Bored Before the Super Bowl

Sports-wise, I’m disinterested for the 2 weeks leading up to the Super Bowl,  with only the usual tedious and repetitive sports media news.  Essentially:  boring.  At least I had the Presidential Inauguration and political hoopla to keep me on the couch, along with the surprising Bulls and return of our fast and furious Blackhawks on ice.

But no!  There’s been more going on, than when Gary S. and Billy T. in 8th grade, sat next to me at Warren grammar school, on 91st and Jeffrey, copying my answers on the Constitution test in January, 1964.  Good thing I knew about the 2nd amendment then, or at least I thought I did.

So some headlines lately have included:

1) The Cowboys Jay Ratliff was arrested for a DWI in Texas,  2) Mark dis-Grace was sentenced to 4 months in jail for a DUI in Arizona, and 3)  LeRoy Hill, LB for the Seahawks, is being held on $150,000 bail for Domestic Violence, 4th degree assault and unlawful imprisonment  - a repeat of his DV arrest from 2010.

And we can’t forget 4) Lance Armstong, who had the softest interview by Oprah I’d ever heard, for someone who literally destroyed so many people’s lives, as the bully he was, 5) Dan Marino’s “coming clean” on his affair with Donna Savattere, while working for CBS as an NFL analyst, and having a daughter, Chloe, born in 2005 with her.  Just another day in family life, a al Francois Mitterand, ex-President of France from 1981-1995.

Moving on, we heard 6) Randy Moss claiming to be the best NFL receiver of all time.  Arrogance at its prime.  Somehow his memory of Jerry Rice has faded, maybe from all the concussions he’s forgotten about. And then we were served up a dessert by 7) Roger Goodell , considering to have HGH testing next season (no deer antler juice?) for his NFL players.

Yet bigger issues made the spotlight on every 24/7 media outlet.  It made me wonder how and why sports’ have invaded our national pyches, and prime time TV.

8) We saw Bob Costas on the Daily Show, talking about his 90 second spot during halftime of an NFL game on gun control, specifically after the tragedy with the KC Chief’s Jovan Belcher’s murder/ suicide incident. He was quite passionate about how our culture accepted guns as part of our lives.

As an example, he told Jon Stewart that Tony Dungy asked his Super Bowl winning Indianapolis Colts team, “how many of you have firearms, and over 70% raised their hands.”

He respects the 2nd amendment, but is calling attention to its daily impact on our lives.  Just check out Joe Nocera’s editorial:

9) CTE cannot be ignored, with the suicide of Junior Seau several months back, and the possibly long-term consequences regarding multiple concussion hits. We heard Rodney Harrison, former safety, report that he is “scared to death” about the future of his health in upcoming years.  Ed Reed of the Ravens, expressed concern about the violence, and reported that at times, he asked himself “where did my memory go?”  But he was very clear that he “signed up” for this job as a safety, and accepted its consequences.

Even President Obama weighed in, as we all know, and I still wonder how many ex-players have already sued the NFL and Riddell helmet – makers, who allegedly knew their products did NOT protect their brains from multiple hits.

While Dick Butkus reports he is mentally fine, Anthony Adams informed us on CTL that he will not allow his son to play football  - knowing what ‘it’ does to the body.

10) And are we still hearing that “gays” are not being welcomed in an NFL locker room?  You mean, an athlete can’t keep THAT  in HIS closet?  Refer to my 9/25/12 Blog on “Homophobia: Alive and Well in the Sports World.” The headlines spinning Super Bowl Media Day has been Chris Culliver, a cornerback for the SF 49ers, stating that he would “never accept an openly gay athlete in the 49ers locker room.”

Damage control came sooner than sundown, as the 49ers rejected  “the comments made .….and have addressed the matter with Chris. There is no place for discrimination in our organization at any level.  We have and always will support the LBGT community. “

Ray Ratto on CSN Bay Area Sports, along with our own Mark Gonzales, informed us that the 49ers provide a training on tolerance and inclusiveness, to all their players.  So Chris, were you listening?

In contrast, Ravens’ LB Brendon Ayanbadejo has advocated for gay marriage and equality for the LBGT community.  Why didn’t we have more media covering Brendon here?  I get it – no shock jock to cover it.

And as predicted, Culliver apologized for his remarks  - most likely a statement written by the 49ers, his agent, and his lawyer. But as Ratto said, Culliver’s most disturbing comment was that these gay players have to stay “closeted” for 10 years till after they play.  Say that to Esera Tuaola, a now retired NFL lineman from 1991-1999, coming out in 2002.

11) And finally we have more PED – using names coming out, allegedly from a South Beach clinic, run by an Anthony Bosh, using Deer Antler Velvet Spray.  Really?  Wow – the reported users are A-Rod, Gio Gonzales, Melky Cabrera, Nelson Cruz, PGA golfer Vijay Dingh, Bengals Roy Williams, and to complete this Super Bowl soap opera week: Ray Lewis. No wonder Goodell is ready to pounce on this one.

Coming clean on using Deer Antler Velvet Spray? Makes you Stronger. Better.  A winner. You can get some free, with 2 day shipping using Amazon Prime.

So when Matt Bowen was asked if he ever took any PED’s on CTL, he emphatically denied cheating on ANYTHING except one time: on his 2nd grade spelling bee at St. James school with his buddy, Dave. And he felt so guilty afterwards, that he never cheated on anything again.  Ever! Matt you got me there.

Because I did it. And never felt guilty.  I mean, Captain Kirk cheated on the Kobayashi Maru test, and did no harm.  That’s the bottom line, period.

So in 6th grade, a few of us got our whole class to engage in the all wide-Chicago WLS Radio contest: writing the word “BEATLES,” the most of any school class, within 2 weeks, in 1961.  We did this constantly, instead of our Math or English homework.  But Miss Beam saw what we were doing – and told us we were a bunch of cheaters, while ripping up our hundreds of pages of our hard-earned work.

After that, I didn’t see why Billy T. or Gary S. shouldn’t pass 8th grade.  If they didn’t exactly know the Bill of Rights, at least they knew how to treat a girl to lunch at Rib Hill Restaurant.  French fries, cheeseburgers, and all.  Without any Deer Antler Spray, but just Coca-Cola.

Time to watch the Super Bowl Shuffle one more time.  The best defense ever. Anywhere.  Just to get me through one more day.  Yawn.




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