SF 49ers vs. GB Packers: "We're Just Cheering for the Laundry": Part II

While the media has been polling its citizens on presidential candidates, I’ve taken the route of polling football fans from Chico, CA, hometown of Aaron Rodgers, on this question:  “If the NFC Championship game were between the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers, who would you root for?”

This Part II blog contains the 120 responses I gathered by the "Fans on the Street" in 9 locations throughout Chico, CA from January 4 - 7, 2012.

Part I of this exercise is my blog which includes further descriptions of Chico, commentary, and explanations of the sites I interviewed at. It was written specifically for people in Chicago, for whom I write my blogs and the city where I grew up.  I am one of those loyal Chicago sports fans.

This Part II is strictly the data I collected.  The numbers before responses are not numerically ordered at times due to problems I've had with the scaling software in this program.  Regrets for that.

In terms of the responses, I have included gender and approximate age. As for the exact quoted answers, I have taken the liberty to edit for brevity.

In terms of research language, this is called a selective sample – just asking the fan on the street in places I frequented as part of my daily life for 3 days.   It’s not purely scientific.  I would have needed more time, resources, and places to collect the answers. However, 9 sites in 3 days time with a wide age span provide us with good, hard data for my question.

Wednesday, January 4:

Chico Sports Club (owned by Jeff Stover, ex-49er who played with Joe Montana):

-Spin class, as everyone was leaving

1. Man, 20’s:“ Green Bay all the way.”

2. Man, 40’s:  “49ers always”

3. Woman, 20’s:  “49ers – whole family”

4. Woman, 50’s:  Green Bay – my kids went to PV High and that’s all they talk about is Rodgers. I don’t really care myself.”

5. Man, 20’s: I knew Aaron at PV, but I’m a loyal 49er fan.

6. Woman, 20’s: Packers. I’m local, not really into it, but I’d go for Aaron.

7. Man, 60’s:  49ers

-Weight Room

8. Male, 20’s: “I went to Butte College when Rodgers was there.  My whole family has always rooted from the 49ers, but after Rodgers went to Green Bay, we just naturally went with them.”

9. Male, 30’s:  I don’t really care…..hmm, guess I’d go with the Packers, cause of    Rodgers, but really, it’s the 49ers turn, and Harbaugh has done great for them.  Well, now that you ask, I’d say 49ers.

10. Male, 30’s:  “49ers fan for a lifetime, even though I’m wearing my PV shirt.

11. Male, 30’s: “Packers. My brother knew Rodgers. Plus, we’re from L.A. and have been Ram fans all our life. So the 49ers were always our rivals.

12. Male, 20’s: “49ers. I’m from the Bay Area”

13. Male, 30’s: “ 49ers.  Alex Smith got a raw deal with all the poor coaching he’s gotten. Finally Harbaugh has shown a lot of confidence in him and he deserves it.

14. Male, 30’s: 49ers:  Yeah, Alex Smith has really made a comeback for him and his team.  That shows character.”

-Roaming around the club: stationery bikes and various machines’ areas

15. Woman, 50’s:  “49ers, obviously”

16. Woman, 70’s: “49ers, but grandson went to high school with Aaron Rodgers, so he’d probably vote for the Packers”

17. Woman, 50’s: “ Green Bay, because of Rodgers”

18, Woman, 40’s:  “Packers, because of my  husband – I don’t really care, but he does.”

19. Man, 30’s: “49ers – they’re the California team

20. Man, 30’s:  “Packers. Chico is my hometown and I know Jordan, Aaron’s brother.”

21. Man, 60’s and Woman, 60’s: “Packers, definitely.  They’ve always had a tradition of great quarterbacks.  Plus, Harbaugh is a twit, can’t stand him.”

22. Woman, 50’s:  “Packers. My son went to Pleasant Valley (PV) High school where Rodgers went. He knew Jordan Rodgers, and we loved Brett Favre.  But my Dad is definitely for the 49ers.”

23. Father, 50’s, Son, 30’s. “49ers – we’re loyal to our team, no matter what.”

23. Man wearing White Sox hat, 60’s: “Packers. I knew Rodgers when he played for Butte College. I’m a Trustee for Butte, so I’m obviously for the them.”

25. Woman, 40’s: 49ers: “They finally have a team to root for. It’s been too long since Montana and Young.”

26.Woman, 30’s: Definitely the 49ers.  “I’m a Steelers fan, always been.  When the Packers beat them last year it killed me.”

27. Woman, 40’s:” Packers forever.  My family is from Wisconsin.”

28. Man, 20’s:  49ers.  I knew Rodgers in high school. He was pretty arrogant and let everyone know he was “the guy.” It was pretty disgusting.

29. Man, 30’s: “Packers, I knew Rodgers from Butte”

30. Man, 30’s, his friend: “Man, how can you say that? You were always a 49er!  I’m still with the 49ers – I like their defense, and as we all know, defense wins championships.”

31. Woman, 40’s:  49ers. I’m from the Bay Area and have always been a Niner.

32. Man, 50’s:  49ers. I’ve been a fan of theirs since I was born – 1959. Never  gave it a 2nd thought.

-Women’s Locker Room

33. Woman, 50’s, coach:  I’m a die-hard 49ers and Giants fan, always.

34. Woman, 70’s: “that’s real tough.  When they traded Montana that really upset me.  I liked Favre as a QB, so I’d to for the Packers, especially with Aaron from here.

35. Woman, 40’s: Packers of course.  I grew up around there, so you can imagine how I felt with them winning.

36. Woman, 40’s: I’m for the Packers and my husband for the 49ers.  I don’t know if we could watch the game together.

-Front desk area

  1. Check in woman, 30’s: “Janice, you already know I’m a Bears fan, so of course I’m for the 49ers.  I still love it when I see your Urlacher jersey.  I just hope he’s all right.”
  2. Man, 40’s, checking in:  “Wow, that’s a tough question……….I’d have to say Packers, cause of Rodger.  But don’t tell Jeff, cause we’re good friends.  I’ll go with the hometown guy.”
  3. Employee, male, 30’s:  “don’t tell Jeff, but I used to be a 49ers fan of course, but now I’d root for the Packers.
  4. A couple in their 60’s coming up to me:  “Don’t forget about the Saints – they’ll probably beat the Packers, even in Green Bay.”
  5. Woman, 40’s:  “Packers – cause I’m a Raiders fan.  I  hate the 49ers – that rivalry is the thing.”
  6. Three Friends, Male, in their 30’s:  shouting “49ers all the way – how can anyone be disloyal!”

Tony’s Fruit stand with Satsuma and Navel Oranges

  1. Woman, 30’s:  “Packers – I’m a hometown girl”
  2. Woman, 40’s:  “49ers – I’m always loyal to my team my whole life, no matter how bad they get
  3. Man, 70’s: Packers – we’re from Montana so Green Bay just became our team.  We’ve followed them all our lives.”
  4. Woman, 30’s:  “Packers, but I grew up in the Bay Area and worked at Ronnie Lott’s restaurant. But since moving to Chico, I switched to the Packers.  I’m really into hockey, so I’m a Sharks fan. But my husband is from Vancouver, a big Canucks fan.  Just imagine that!”

Physical Therapy Office (where I go for my dislocated shoulder)

  1. PT, female, 40’s:  49ers – “I grew up with them, and my son loved his 49er jersey for Christmas.”
  2. PT, male, 40’s:  Packers – “Aaron and his brother have come in here for their work over the years. We know him well.”
  3. Patient, male, 60’s:  Packers – “Ever since they let go of Joe Montana, I’ve never forgiven them.  I’m going with our hometown boy now.”
  4. PT. asst., male, 20’s:  49ers – “No doubt about it – always my team.”
  5. Receptionist, female, 40’s:  “Wow, that’s a hard one…….I know Aaron, but…..I have to say the 49ers –  always been my team.”
  6. Patient, female, 40’s:  “Packers – when they didn’t take Rogers in the draft, that made me mad. So now I’m happy for Aaron and mad at the 49ers.”

S&S Butcher Shop and BBQ outdoor grill during lunch time.

  1. Man, 20’s and girlfriend, 20’s, eating BBQ lunch. “She’s not into football much, but I know I’m a Packer fan. We’re both from here, and Rodgers is from Chico – how could you root against him?  I mean, really, where are we at here?
  2. Man, eating lunch, 20’s: “Packers – the 49ers didn’t draft Rodgers, so they deserve to lose. I’ll never forgive them for that.”
  3. Woman, 30’s eating lunch: “Packers – I’ve always been a Packers fan.
  4. Butcher, Male, 30’s, laughs:  “49ers of course, but my buddy right here (who is getting beef for a customer)  is all Packers. He has plenty to say.”
  5. Butcher, Male 40’s:  49ers – they deserve it this year.
  6. Worker, Female, 50’s, friend:  “Oh Janice, this is so YOU!.  I’m a 49er all the way, you must know that. When the Giants won you know how we were all celebrating. It’s the same thing. “
  7. Worker, Man, 30’s, while stocking the shelves.  “Have to be the 49ers, although I’m happy for Rodgers to represent Chico, you know, boy makes good.”
  8. Checkout Woman, 20’s: 49ers
  9. Woman shopper, 20’s:  49ers
  10. Man shopper, 20’s:  “Packers – you go for the local boy”
  11. BBQing man, 30's:  "Packers - Rodgers is our guy here."
  12. BBQing man, 30's, shaking his head: "You gotta be kidding man, 49ers of course!"
  13. BBQing man, 20's:  "49er's definitely!"
  14. Woman, 50's with Man, 50's, eating their BBQ lunches: "49ers all the way.  It's their time.  Gotta be loyal!"

Trader Joe’s, between 7:00 – 8:00 pm

  1. Mother, 30’s: “I’m a Cowboys fan, but my husband is a 49ers fan. And my son’s teacher? She LOVES the 49er’s, so I’m going with the 49ers.
  2. Cris, friend of mine, math teacher, wins her fantasy football league every year, 60’s: “Are you kidding me?  49ers always!  All of us – my husband, son, daughter, their spouses – totally!
  3. Young man, 20’s: 49ers definitely.  “My best buddy went to Cal with Rodgers.  He tried to shake Rodgers hand in class after a game they’d won, and said ‘great game.’  Rodgers just brushed him off. So from that, I’d never root for the guy. “
  4. Two men, working clothes with oil stains on, late 20’s, one with a 49ers hat, laughing at question: “Always 49ers, what a question is that!”
  5. Manager, male, 30’s :  “I’ve grown up here, know lots of people who know Rodgers. But I’m not into the ‘fashion’ thing. 49ers definitely
  6. Worker, female, 20’s, stocking cheese case: “whole family 49ers, grew up that way, no reason to change now.”

Friday, January 6:

Duffy’s Tavern – this is the place where many people head for their TGIF spot.  The Irish Pub features a fabulous local band, well known throughout the area, and three TV’s showing all sports games this time of year.  I interviewed people from 5 pm – 7:30 pm, with several NBA games on, including the Bulls v. the Magic.  With my Baileys in hand, I had plenty of responses, some rather animated, as expected.

73. Male, 20’s:  “49ers. Green Bay can’t win two years in a row. We’ve got a family tradition here. And the thing is, Aaron’s Dad is my chiropractor, but that doesn’t matter.”

74. Male, 50’s: 49ers. I love Aaron, and Chico has been my home since the 60’s, but I’m loyal, period.

75. Male, 40’s:  “49ers, no question.”

76. Ken, 30’s: “49ers. Packers are a great team, but I’m with my boys for life.”

77. Male, 40’s: “49ers of course. I lived in the Bay Area and the Giants were poetry in motion.  But I’m from Iowa. I played basketball in France.  It’s going to be a good playoff season, girl. Good to watch.”

78. Michael, bandleader of the Pub Scouts, 60’s:  “49ers – come on over to my house for the game.  We’re having a big party.”

79. Guitar player #1, 30’s: “49ers of course.”

80. Guitar player #2, 40’s: “Green Bay – Aaron is a Chico guy, but I’m not really a football fan for teams from here. I’m a Cleveland Browns fan and a Dolphins fan – AFC.”

81. Phil, mandolin player, 60’s: “Packers – I’m a loyal Chico guy. Aaron went to PV.”

82. Jules, mandolin player, girlfriend, teacher, 60’s: “Packers – going for the hometown boy.”

83. Mark, Jules’ husband, works at Butte College, 60’s, laughing at Jules’ response: “49ers – I’m with California loyalty, and so is my family.”

84.  Man, 40's:  "49ers.  My son went to P.V. with Rodgers and some of the kids didn't like him.

85. Randy, 40’s:  49ers.  It’s their turn.

86. Man, 30’s: “Packers – I’ve been a Packers fan for a long time – love them.”

87. Man, 40’s: “Packers – I like Rodgers – he’s the real deal”

88. Woman, 29 yrs. “Packers – I’m a teacher like others here. One of my students gave me a Cheesehead hat. But really, it’s a tough call.

89. Man, 60 yrs. “49ers – been a fan of them all my life, through the good and bad times.  All my life.”

90. Woman, 30’s: “Packers, because I grew up in L.A. and am a Rams fan. Makes sense, no?”

91. Man, 40’s:  “49ers all my life, my whole family, all the time.

92. Man, 50’s: “I’m for the 49ers, but my daughter was in class with Rodgers.  She played basketball at PV.  So she’d probably root for the Packers.

93. Woman, teacher, 30’s: Aaron Rodgers all the way.  I’m a Rams fan so I hate the 49ers.  It’s all about the rivalry, so I want the Packers to win.

94. Man, 50’s:  “49ers.  They’re the California home team!  How could people turn against them?”

95. Man, 50’s: “Rodgers – I met him and interviewed him for the Chico News and Review.  So after that I got to know him better.”

96. Woman, 40’s: “49ers:  Alex Smith is a great story. And so is Harbaugh.  He really gave Smith the confidence he needed.  I’m a Steelers fan and jumped on the 49er bandwagon once I moved to California.

97. Three women in their 20’s, grabbing a moment away from their husbands and kids:

-49ers, grew up there, love the Giants too

- “Packers, but my team is really Dallas”

-“Packers. I have more connection to Chico now. I used to be a 49er fan, but I want to be on the winning side”

100. Man, 30’s: “Packers, but only because I’m a Raiders fan.  But really, my family is from Wisconsin, so I grew up with my NFC team being the Packers.”

La Fonda’s   A popular restaurant serving the best Margueritas in town, great Mexican food, TV’s turned to sports games at the bar

101. Woman, 20’s:  “I’m a Steelers fan and the Packers beat us last year. So I’m with the 49ers.”

102. Woman’s date, Man, 20’s: “Packers – I hate the 49ers, period.”

103. Man and Woman, 30’s:  49ers – no doubt about it.

104. Woman, 20’s: “I’m a Seahawks fan, so I’m going with the Packers.

105. Woman, 20’s:  “Packers, because my sister loves the 49ers and I always like to go against her. Yeah, it’s a rivalry thing – sibling rivalry.”

106. Woman, 20’s:  “Packers, because I went to school when Aaron did.”

107. Man, 30’s, sitting with all 3 women above:  ‘I’m for nobody. Between the NFL and NBA contract disputes, how can anyone really care?  Is $20 million really not enough to make?”

Saturday, January 7th.  My husband’s birthday.

Café Coda – great breakfast place with French Press coffee and homemade breads

108. Woman, 40s:  “Packers. I love their QB. I hate the 49ers because I’m a Raiders’ fan

109. Man, 30’s:  “I’m a Raiders fan so I’m for the 49ers – loyal to Bay Area teams.

110. Woman, 30’s: “49ers. I grew up with them.

111. Woman, 30’s: “49er’s always.  I married to a family with all 49ers.  And I like them being the underdogs. I like rooting for the underdogs.

112. Woman, 20’s with Man, 20’s:  “49ers, because you have to show California solidarity.  Plus, we went to school with Rodgers. He was ……….(not a nice term)….because he walked the halls assuming everyone knew who he was. And if you didn’t, which a lot of students didn’t, he wouldn’t have anything to do with you.”

113. Woman, 20’s: “49ers, great assets, top choices like filet mignon. I’m a California woman. My heart is in SF.

114. Man, 30’s: “Packers these days. Before I was for the 49ers, but now I’m with Rodgers. I have no more allegiances to the 49ers.

Husband’s Birthday dinner with a few friends

115. Linda, teacher, 50’s:  Rodgers- a local boy. Long time Raiders fan

116. Tony, 60’s:  “Packers – I grew up in Rockford, rooting between Bears and Packers.”

117. Peter, 60’s:  49ers for sure – always been my 2nd team behind the Lions, (growing up in Detroit, but living here + 30 years), plus I’m loyal to Chico High which is rivals with PV.

118. Max, 50’s:  “49ersloyalty to Northern California”

119. Alan, 60’s:” 49er it’s our home team”

120. David, 60’s: “ 49ers – home team, but GB is a unique team in sports, in that it is owned by the town.

My own response is not included given I was the researcher in this survey.  If it had been:  49ers of course.


Total Responses:  130     in     9 locations

Totals:            76  Men                                               54 Women

Ages:               Men                                                     Women

20’s                 16                                                        18

30’s                 27                                                        9

40’s                 11                                                        12

50’s                 7                                                          7

60’s                 14                                                        6

70’s                 1                                                          2

Breakdown by Age and Gender:

Age 20’s Men:                        Packers 7         49ers 10

Age 30’s Men:                        Packers 8         49ers 18

Age 40’s Men:                        Packers 4         49ers 8

Age 50’s Men:                        Packers 1         49ers 7

Age 60’s Men:                        Packers 5         49ers 7

Age 70’s Men:                        Packers 1         49ers 0


Age 20’s Women:       Packers 8         49ers 8

Age 30’s Women:       Packers 5         49ers 7

Age 40’s Women:       Packers 6         49ers 5

Age 50’s Women:       Packers 4         49ers 3

Age 60’s Women:       Packers 3         49ers 2

Age 70’s Women:       Packers 1         49ers 1


Totals:    Packers:   53          49ers:  76              Abstention:  1

                          41%                           58%                      .01%

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