Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, Pre-game Report: Bears v. Saints:, September 17, 2011

Bayou Country, Away From It All

Joe:  Troy, great idea,  getting  together for 10 minutes, away from it all.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about this.

Troy:  Joe, I’ve done a lot of soul – searching these days, with the way things are in this world.  This 10 year anniversary of 9/11/01 got me really thinking, especially after seeing Jim Cornelius and the flag at Soldier Field last week.

Joe:  Yes, Troy, quite a stirring performance – especially taking down Peter King’s pick of the Falcons by the Bears Defense.  But you seem to be going somewhere else here, huh?

Troy:  Right, and what I really want to say, I can’t say in the booth on game day, but I know I can count on you to understand what I’ve come to see: how sports & politics are related.

Joe:  An example?

Troy: Well, just being here, in the bayou.  New Orleans has become the forgotten city since Katrina.  No money for re-building, from either the Federal or State Governments.  It’s sad, man.  This Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindahl, just came out to support Rick Perry for President.  It’s really embarrassing, to have played my career for the Cowboys, and know that their Texas Gov. thinks that Social Security is a big Ponzi scheme.

Joe: I see where you’re going here: Wow – if he wins in 2012, I know many of MY friends’ parents may have to come live with them, without that guaranteed income. No more money for the NFL Direct TV package - or for their MLB  TV subscriptions.

Troy:  Right!  And then there’s this Louisiana Senator Vitter here, admitting to the use of prostitution services in 2007 in D.C.  Sounds as if he worked real hard to help the voters back home get the income they sorely needed.  I wonder how things have gone after that BP Gulf Oil Spill, what with all the fishermen losing their jobs, and the guys on the oil rigs losing their lives.

Joe:  And yet we have sports – sports to bring us together.  And the feel good story of this last decade of Super Bowl winners: the Saints.  And here we are, lucky to be covering the game of week, every week, actually.

Troy:  Thankfully we’re not in the business of covering how sad it is that people have lost their families, jobs and homes, the global economic downturns, Anthony Weiner pissing off his fellow Democrats for such juvenile behavior, combat-related PTSD in the Middle East……..

Joe:  Troy, settle down now.  Go back to football and the Saints.  No matter if you’re a blue-dog southern Democrat, or a Tea Party Libertarian – the water-cooler’s fantasy football league is what brings everyone together.

Troy:  I know, I know.  But when you can spend a billion dollars on a football stadium in Dallas, for a QB who can’t even hold on to the ball at the goal line – and at the same time, have that states’ government cut back on educating kids in public schools:  what do you say to that? What’s gonna happen to all those kids' schools on Friday Night Lights?

Joe:  Troy!  just give it up! What’s gotten into you these days?   It’s not going to change.  The dollar is king, and the NFL is king of sports, especially with the new contract.  At least the fans in the Superdome are of all persuasions.

Troy:  Okay, Joe.  You’re right.  Let’s get to the show’s main points tomorrow, so we can shut this down tonight.   Of course we’ll lead with Urlacher – the man of the hour.  The thousands of fans throughout the country, calling and writing in support of the defensive player of the week, for the 6th time, no less.  Look how we all can identify with such a tragic loss.    I guess it just shows us how people can be united – regardless of any team or political affiliation.

Joe:  Yeah, one of my buddies saw a post by a Packers’ fan, who said that even though Urlacher was someone he always rooted against, he actually could “feel for the guy” this week.  Yet apparently there were still some who were critical of the man, for one reason or another, to go out and play tomorrow.  How judgmental is that?  I know it sounds cliché, but many of us would be saying that Lavoyda would still want him out there.

Troy:  Yeah Joe, I even read a CBS sports line post from a guy who was pissed off, thinking that Urlacher was not going to play, because he had Brian on his fantasy football team.

Joe:  What can one say to that, Troy?   But then again, nothing surprises me.  So how can we lead with this emotional piece, tastefully, of course?

Troy:  You have to mention Olin Kruetz, the Bears Center for 13 years, now hiking the ball for Brees.  Boy, what was Angelo thinking?  Is this guy dumb, dumber, or what? And they were just ½ million apart on salary, with Angelo being $11 million UNDER the cap at the time.

Joe:  I’ve heard a LOT of Bears fans disgusted with Angelo.  Anything you want to say about Olin?  Whose emotions, do you think, may just rule the day?  Urlacher, the entire D line for him and his mother? Or the Saints’ O-line, for Olin and Brees, ready to make up for that loss to the Packers, at the one yard line in the closing seconds of their last game?

Troy:  Well Joe, as we all know:  defense usually rules the day. But with these 2 teams?  I’d say Brees and company are trying to shake that 0-4 monkey off their backs v. the Bears. I’d say they’re out to prove they can beat a team from the North. And the Superdome would be the place to do it in.

Joe:  And I’d say that Urlacher and Co. will be playing with such passion and intensity, that even Merriweather will be at his best.  Now how many people are out to prove something tomorrow?

Troy:  Just me, Joe. I’m out to prove Las Vegas wrong again.  Robbie Gould will be gold.  Bears by 3.

Joe:  Have I heard that before, Troy?

Troy:  Don’t know about you, but some blogger named South Side Sports Chick – last year, she called the Bears to beat the Packers by 3, with those same words.  I think I’ll stick with her this time too.

Joe:  And what does she know?

Troy:  Chicago, Joe.  She knows Chicago:   Butkus.  Payton.  Sayers.  Dent.  Singletary.  And Mayor Daley’s creed:  vote early and often, even from the grave. 1960, when Mayor Richard Joseph Daley brought us  Kennedy over Nixon.  That’s Politics for you.   Back room politics.  So Joe:  Good Night, and Good Luck.


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