Daryl and Tony talk Chicago Bears Win 9/11/11 - I'm Lovin' It!

9/11/11:  Daryl Johnston, Color Commentator for Fox NFL Sports, to Tony Siragusa, NFL sideline commentator:

Daryl:  “Hey Tony, Daryl here, gorgeous day in Chicago, huh?”

Tony:  “Hey Daryl, look at this blue sky – and all the fans.  What a game this is going to be – and watching them unfurl the flag, completely covering Soldier Field.”

Daryl:  “What’s the mood of the players today down there, on whatever kind of field that is?”

Tony: “They’re all pumped up, first day and all.  This grass is at least good to go. How are you doing up in the booth there?”

Daryl:  Oh God, Tony, we’re still stuck with  Marv’s son, Kenny.  They keep moving him from baseball to football, and still, he just can’t keep it straight.”

Tony:  “You’re kidding me – of all the guys who should be calling the # 1 and the  # 2 seeds from the NFC last year, and they keep giving us that  little twit?  Well, it just goes to show you how far nepotism goes.”

Daryl:  “Yeah, I mean, at least you know what you’re talking about, being the great nose tackle with the Ravens, for so long.”

Tony: “And you Daryl, one of the best halfbacks ever to play in Dallas – at least WE know the game.”  How long can we last with this guy?

Daryl:  As long as I got you on the sidelines with me, and as long as I can call it like I see it, I’ll stick it out. I only hope they let him call some baseball in October on Sundays.  You think these fans in Chicago will care?

Tony: “Are you kidding me?  They’re Bear fans, Daryl. They’re REAL sports fans. They know what’s dumb and dumber when they hear it. But, they will always remember his Dad’s call, you know, Marvelous Marv’s NBA finals v. Phoenix:  "Paxson for 3 – YES!  And the Bulls lead by 1 with 3.9 seconds left!”

Daryl:  “Oh yeah – he was one of the best, something his son will never know.”

Tony:  “Come on Daryl, you know that FOX expects you to bring him along, now. Teach him a few things.”

Daryl:  “Not a chance, Tony.  He’s not one of us – the big boys in the trenches.”  Oh oh, I’m hearing it on my headset from some guy named Murdoch right now – who the hell is he?”

Tony:  Dunno – but we’re about to start with Big Jim Cornelius.  Get ready for the best opera singer doing the national anthem, with the loudest cheering, you’ll ever hear, during the singing.  Enjoy this one!”



It’s obvious the Falcons still have sugar plums dancing in their heads, when playing our top NFC North teams.  Even Las Vegas couldn’t get this right: back in January, and again yesterday.  But then again, nominating Sharron Engle as their Fox Party, uh, Tea Party candidate, was another bet that Nevada lost big money on. Serves them right.

Our Bears showed up on every side of the ball, relying once again, on Urlacher, Peppers, Tillman, and our D, to put the game away before this Atlanta team had a chance to catch its collective breath.  Matt Ryan was running from our “rush and cover” defense (thank you Chris Harris), which they  put on the Falcons, all day long. ALL DAY LONG!!!

Turnovers were once again keys to the victory. The Bears out -hit, out-ran, and showed us why our veterans are still the glue to this team.  That Georgian lackluster performance simply replicated what their Georgia governor just did this week, by signing one of the toughest anti-immigration measures in our country.  Too bad we can’t get a turnover on that one.

So, under Lovie, we’re 6 – 2 for home openers.  You want more stats?  27 rushes and 32 passes.  Fair and balanced.  14 points off  2 turnovers with a total of 3 take-aways.  A usual winner 80% of the time.  And Brian does what Brian does:  10 tackles, 1 int. and 1 TD after a Peppers –caused QB fumble.

The big offensive playmaker?  Matt, with 158 total yards.  So where are you now, Jerry?  Did Forte’s TD not give us a spark after Brian’s INT?  Virginia!  Your Dad, George, would have done him right by now – signing him to a well-deserved big contract every sportswriter, player, and agent knows he deserves.  The longer you wait, the more money he’ll command.

Virginia!  Are you listening?  Remember who Martz worked for, as the offensive coordinator,  when he  helped their team win Super Bowl XXXIV?  South Side Sports Chick will remind you right here:  Martz also worked for a woman:  Georgia Frontiere of the St. Louis Rams.  So get with the program and don’t let Angelo push you around.  You and your siblings ought to be pushing HIM around, or OUT!

And finally, let’s not forget about Jay.  Cutler’s play was crisper, sharper, and threw to 8 different receivers.  Johnny on- the- spot Knox caught 60 yards worth of passes, in 3rd down crucial receptions.  And while our O-line still allowed 5 sacks, they gave our QB enough time to complete those 32 passes we have been waiting for since the big signing 18 months ago.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Truth be told:  I could barely write a blog the last several months.  My doldrums from Chicago sports had gotten me real down, once the Blackhawks and Bulls couldn’t pull out from the holes they created during their playoff runs.  And as summertime baseball with the White Sox rolled along, my mood turned to disgust.  I’ve had enough of Ozzie, and truly hope that he just takes his talents to South Beach for good.

But after yesterday, I’m in a great mood, one that even my graduate students would appreciate – knowing how my mood will be reflected in how I grade  their papers this week.  That's  just the way it has always worked.

Yet it’s only one week.  At home in Soldier Field.  Alex Brown tells us that the Saints, and their screaming fans, in their Dome, will be ready to take us down. Brown tells us they'll be more than ready to play, especially after that loss to the Packers on national TV. So I'm enjoying this  a week at a time.  Nothing like the present.


Daryl:  “Hey Tony, what a great win for the Bears.  You being a defensive guy, you must have loved this game.”

Tony: “ Oh yeah, I’m definitely going out with a bunch of them tonight. Any parting thoughts, you know, between just us?

Daryl: “ These Fox guys make it so hard to call a game.  You didn’t see it, but when Urlacher scored his TD, these dimwits put up “6” points for the Falcons on the TV monitor scoreboard, and little twit in the booth here didn’t even notice.  I was the one who had to scream in my microphone to change the score after Gould hit the point after.”

Tony: “Well then, why don't you just find that Murdoch guy, and tell him to just -  "shut up and do your job.”

Daryl:  "Good point, Tony. But something tells me that if I do that,  I better practice the Lovie defense:  "rush and cover."

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