Doing My Bears' Shuffle: Worth a Million

Last Tuesday, my husband and I picked up our niece, Miriam, a freshman at New Trier, from SFO.  We took her all around San Francisco. She is visiting us for a month in Chico, CA, hometown of Aaron Rodgers. (Please don’t remind me. )  It’s 175 miles Northeast of San Francisco, a university town of 100,000,... Read more »

After the Blackhawks Loss: Treason from My Husband

As soon as that god-awful finish in OT last night, I turned the TV off,  ran into my bedroom, and put on the infamous Star Trek Movie “Wrath of Kahn.” My mind had to flip a switch for what June would look like, as the Enterprise was being boarded by Admiral Kirk for a simple... Read more »

Because of the Blackhawks: I Forgot My Birthday

I was a wreck for 6 days, beginning Tuesday, May 6th, after the Blackhawks lost Game 3 to the Wild. I know, it was said they’d lose one game in St. Paul, and come back to win the series in 5 games at the United Center. I think their beloved Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, came... Read more »

Chicago Sports: I'm Going Crazy Again

It’s that gut feeling. You all know it.  No words can describe it. While getting my PhD at Loyola University, I learned words such as “it’s neurologically encoded” in memory or “cellular structure.” Hmmmm, ‘is that what’s it’s called?’, I thought to myself? Hell – the only Cell I’m into is the one at 35th... Read more »

Chicago SportCenter Iphone Dings: Friday Night Lights Out

The Stage: I’m a nervous wreck as usual when it comes to watching Blackhawks’ playoff hockey, especially by myself. My dear husband does his thing on Friday evenings, going to our favorite Irish bar , hearing the Pub Scouts Band play their excellent Celtic music for the TGIF crowd. But of course I’m watching. Recording... Read more »

My Fear of Not Knowing: What was Happening to My Body and Mind?

My Fear of Not Knowing:  What was Happening to My Body, and Mind? August, 2001:  I went camping with friends in one of the most beautiful national forests in the U.S. :  Lassen National Forest, in Northern California September, 2001:  Six weeks later, I began having a pain in the middle of my head, literally,... Read more »

Six Reasons Why The Bears Lost to the Eagles

Six Reasons Why the Bears Lost to the Philadelphia Eagles Tonight We can’t tackle Cutler was not able to be mobile, move outside the pocket, and underthrew the top NFL receiving corp No 2 step-drop slants, or screen plays called Hardly any touches for Forte called Special teams did nothing Our defensive line let Philly... Read more »

Marc Trestman: Let Him Abide in the Second City

As 5774, the year of the Chosen people begins, the Lord looks down at his brethren. All faiths are his brethren, as he contemplates the thousands of years which have passed, when Abraham begot Isaac from Sarah, and Ishmael from Hagar. Yet on this eve of Yom Kippur, he wonders if his 7 billion sons... Read more »

Keith Olbermann: "I'm Back!"

We Chicago sports fans know the 2 words which became music to our ears.  On March 18, 1995, Michael Jordan, in a news release, said “I’m Back.”  And the following night v. the Indiana Pacers, with # 45 on his jersey, Jordan scored 19 points in a game which had the highest Nielsen ratings since... Read more »

NHL, NFL, NBA, & MLB Players Respond Regarding Gay Marriage

Should the U.S. Legalize Gay Marriage? 62 professional athletes from the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB, responded to this survey done by ESPN.  61 % of  NFL athletes and 92% of NHL athletes responded “yes”, while 46% of NBA players and 45% of MLB athletes agreed. This research was reported on October 14, 2012 by... Read more »