No Limit Laughs: Suburban Family Comedy Fun

I bet you already knew that Chicago is known as a comedy town. In fact, it was recently voted as America's funniest city. With Chicago being home to Second City, Zanies, Up Comedy Club, iO Theater, and countless other comedy hot spots, on any given night in the city there are shows for stand up, improv, and just about any form of comedy out there.

I bet you didn't know, however, being in such close proximity to America's funniest city, also means that the suburbs have their fair share of comedy clubs, shows, and entertainment as well. In fact this weekend, an improv comedy show for families will be in southwest suburban Orland Park.

No Limit Laughs Orland Park Comedy IMPROV players will be putting on a show for all ages this Sunday, June 22. It is from 2:00 until 4:00 and is FREE at the Orland Park Village Commons located at 14413 Beacon Avenue in Orland Park.

This improv team performs adult shows regularly throughout the year, but this will be their first geared toward families, and is sure to be full of hilarity for grown ups and for kids. The players are: Kate Anderson, Kristie Ansinn, Kevin Chatman, Sean Conroy, Mike Eckert, Josh Gaytos, Frank Isa, Joanna Leafblad, Joe Nowinski, Bryan Riess and they directed by James Mazeika.

If you are looking for some funny family time on Sunday. head down (almost) South of I80. Its worth the drive!



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