Guns in Target: Why Would You Bring a Gun to Buy Oreos?

This is what I like to call a TONGUE IN CHEEK ALERT. This is satire. This is a step away from my usual writing. However,  I cannot be the only person who was thinking, "why Oreos?"

The recent picture Tweeted around the world of Open Carry Texas participants shopping in Target has not only caused controversy among gun control activists such as Moms Demand Action, but also has caused quite a stir among its own members.

The photo shown below reveals a member of Open Carry Texas shopping in a Texas Target, slinging a loaded assault rifle and toting Oreo cookies.


Sources reveal that those accompanying him, also carrying loaded assault rifles, could be heard disagreeing the alleged Oreo purchase in the cookie and cracker aisle. Several patrons said they felt uncomfortable about the situation. When interviewed one said:

“I dunno, when you see a bunch of guys carryin’ guns and yellin’ at each other about Oreos. It just makes ya uneasy.”

The O.C.T. group, known for wanting to exercise Second Amendment Gun Laws as well as open carry regulations, has been  conducting demonstrations in Texas big box stores like Target in an effort to condition other citizens concerning safe weapon usage. The participants of O.C.T. however, are now wondering if the Oreo purchase is what is hurting the organization image.

O.C.T. member and friend of the man who purchased the Oreos, who also asked to remain anonymous explained:

“I told him that if he was going to purchase something in Target, it had to be something really badass. Like some Trojan Magnums so everyone thinks, you know... Or some of that Bud Lim-A-Rita, but no he reached for Oreos. Now, everyone is going to think we are a bunch of pussies.”

Moms Demand Action have since begun a petition signing effort to stop future O.C.T. demonstrations in big box stores like Target, Home Depot and WalMart in states where open carry laws exist such as Alabama, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Nabisco, the makers of Oreo cookies could not be reached for further comment.

The O.C.T. leadership hasn’t commented, but rumors have suggested all the hoopla is being blamed on the gentleman and his controversial photo with the Oreos.

Fellow anonymous O.C.T. activist added,

 “For Pete’s sake, they ain’t even Double Stuff.”




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