3 More Reasons Why Chicago is America's Funniest City

The University of Colorado in Boulder just announced that Chicago is America's Funniest city.

I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to be in the writing program at Second City, so I get to witness Chicago's funny people in training on the regular. In addition to Second City, there are clubs and troops all over the city which help to make up the vibrant Chicago comedy community. Not to mention the festivals like The Womens Funny Festival and Chicago Sketch Fest.

Photo I took my first day of class like a nerd.

Photo I took my first day of class like a nerd.

When I heard Chicago was bestowed with such an award I was not surprised.

You're rolling your eyes thinking, "there she goes again, she is going to tell us how wonderful Chicago is." We all know you have heard me wax poetic about Chicago(land). I dedicated a whole month to it.

However, today is different. I am going to tell you scientifically why Chicago is the funniest city in America, and it has nothing to do with my partiality to this place.

Comedy has to do with a simple formula.


Coincidentally, Chicago has just the right kind of tragedy that makes it conducive to comedy. The University of Colorado's algorithm is, I am sure, accurate, but here are three more reasons why Chicago is America's funniest city.

1. The Politics - Chicago and Illinois are home to the most shady dealings, corruption, and former elected officials in prison. The politics here alone will keep comedians in Chicago in business for a long, long time.


2. The Cubs - nothing creates a sense of humor quite like your dreams being crushed year after year.

Wrigley Field

3. The Weather - if you didn't laugh about the weather here you would cry. I mean where else can you experience the glory of all four seasons in one day?

Chicago Snow

See, it has nothing to do with my biased subjective opinion. Chicago is funny.



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