The Heart of Chicago: Not Just State and Madison

I used to wonder what makes someone a Chicagoan.

I have resided South of I-80 my entire life, but I live close enough to Chicago where I know an awful lot about it, and to be honest have a love of all things Chicago.

From the food to the culture, the museums to the sports, the streets to the parks, the city known as The Second City has always been first in my heart.


I have written for ChicagoNow for a little over a year now, and have read so many wonderful posts and pieces from people all over Chicagoland. Whether it be city or suburbs, North Shore or South of I-80, State and Madison or even living half way across the globe. There is something very profound that I have learned, being a Chicagoan seems to be more of a State of Heart and less of a state of address.

Chicago is rich and diverse network of people with so much heart and personality. Sure, there are places, foods, and events that are unique to our area of Chicago, but it is the amazing peopleĀ who create those things who are important. I am sure you will also be surprised to find that many of the people with the biggest Chicago hearts started off somewhere entirely different, live in the suburbs or grew up here and have taken their Chicago hearts elsewhere in the world.

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So, for the month of March, join me for #TheHeartofChicago (no not the crazy hotel). It is a series of guest posts written by the vibrant, talented, hysterical, soulful, and heartfelt people that make up and contribute to Chicago.


Heart of Chicago FINAL


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