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This post is part of The Heart of Chicago Series that will be running on South of I80 the month of March. Today's post is by my my friend and creator of Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom.

Home is Chicago by Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom

I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life. My first eighteen years were spent comfortably on the North Shore.  I left for 4 years to head only three hours south to Peoria.

Once I graduated, I don’t think there was any question that I would return to Chicago and bring my boyfriend, now husband with me.

Chicago has always been home; just at it has been for my parents and their parents.

I asked my mom in an email what are families connection with the city is as it more assumed than discussed.  I learned some specifics and enjoy imagining my Grandma and even my mom when they were my age living with Chicago as their backdrop.

My moms’ parents were both born in Chicago and lived here their entire lives. My grandma’s parents, my great grandparents, were immigrants from Russia and Romania. But my grandpa's parents were born in Chicago.

Photo courtesy of Yoga Mom.

Photo courtesy of Yoga Mom.

My Grandma went to Senn High School and my Grandpa went to Sullivan High School and always lived and worked in the city.

My mom was born at Michael Reese Hospital and lived in a studio apartment right near the beach at Birchwood and slept in the kitchen!

My mom and grandparents moved to Howard and Paulina down the street from her grandparents to a bigger apartment (I guess they felt guilty my mom slept next to the fridge!).

My mom went to Gayle School in Chicago through first grade and she remembers coming home from school and going to her grandmas after school and getting to stay for dinner.

“Each night my grandma made an entire meal, even soup, which was on the table when my grandfather came home.” she recalled.

Photo courtesy of Yoga Mom.

Photo courtesy of Yoga Mom.

I try to keep this tradition alive with my own husband and kids.  I love the age-old tradition of a family dinner.  Although, my soup is usually the main course.

Then they moved to Evanston, which is where my mom met my Dad,

My Dad's family moved to Chicago from Rock island when he was 6 years old because his dad had a Job with Western Transportation on the south side of Chicago. They also lived in the city on Sheridan Road in the Rogers Park Hotel until they bought a house in Evanston

This winter especially, I’ve been daydreaming about living in a warm climate where I could hike every day instead of staying home looking out the window at snow.

There is one reason I could never leave Chicago.  As much as I love the diversity and community of our lakefront city, it is my family that is going to keep me here forever.


Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom was created as an outlet to the crazy world of parenting. You can check out her blog where you can read about the amazing adventures of parenting, Yoga, and meatless Mondays.


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