Matching Christmas Jammies: We are Ok Without Them

This post is part of the monthly ChicagoNow Blogapalooza Hour. Writers for ChicagoNow are given a topic and one hour to write and publish a post on the topic. This month's topic is to write about something we learned or experienced since we woke up this morning.

Since I have woken up this morning, I have learned that it is ok that my family and I are not the Christmas Jammy Family. In case you don't know what I am talking about here is their video:

I don't want to hate on this adorable family, because they are just that: completely adorable. However, I must say watching their video of everyone dressed in matching Christmas jammies, and talking about their triathlons and parts in movies made me feel a little like a #fail. I sometimes struggle with perfection. I don't know if it is years of watching sitcoms, cooking shows, and Martha Stewart, but sometimes I just want everything to go as planned and the last 24 hours have not really gone as planned. At all.

For example, while the Christmas Jammy Family's oldest daughter is counting to 100 in Chinese, I had to have a little discussion with one of my children in Target yesterday for saying, "What the SH%T?" We talked it out, and he promised today would be better. It was much better today!

This family has their Christmas letters cards video done, and I am still looking at a mountain of cards that need to be stuffed. Perhaps it is because last night I decided to make gingerbread houses with the kids instead.

This family has their matching PJ's and look so happy dancing. I cannot help but feel a little bad that I am frantically doing laundry so my son can have his favorite footie jammies for PJ day at school tomorrow. I should have gotten to it sooner, but I played tea party this afternoon instead.

Hearing about this families triathlon training without a doubt made me feel guilty. I have been planning on getting to the gym all week. I surprised my hubby and instead shoveled the snow for him. That counts as exercise, right?

The jammy family has an immaculate house. Did you see those floors? I bet you could eat off of them. Speaking of eating off floors, by the looks of mine you'd think we actually do eat off our floors. We had a barbecue sauce spill today. I did a little spot treatment, and then decided to play DJ for the kids while they had a dance party before bed.

We are not perfect. Our jammies don't match. However, I would rather make ginger bread houses, shovel the snow, and have dance parties with my family.

We are not perfect, but we are wonderful, and I wouldn't change a thing!

Christmas 2013 South of I80 Version 2


Happy Holidays!


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