More Awesome Than Miley Cyrus, VodkaSamm, and Mrs. Hall

What is going on in the world today?

Just last week, there were millions of people talking, tweeting, and watching the Miley Cyrus horror show on the VMA's and calling it entertainment.

Then this little Miss .341 was all over the place and gaining tens of thousands of Twitter followers because she said some funny things while she was in jail and WBAR (wasted beyond all recognition).

Finally, there is Mrs. Hall who posted condemning young ladies for their provocative selfies while showcasing her shirtless sons.

Here's the thing people, social media, entertainment, blogging, it is all a two way street. It is the conversation of the not so new millennia.

In order to have a conversation you talk and listen. There are two parts of the equation.

So these people "say" something and we "listen" therefore helping the insanity.

The only reason anyone even knows what happened with these people is because someone listened, then they shared, and someone else listened to that, and then those people shared and before you know it these people have attained "famous" status.

The blame is equal.

I am not condemning anyone for watching Miley Cyrus's VMA performance or immediately following Vodka Samm on Twitter.

I get it. It is entertainment. It's fun.

Don't get me wrong, I love my guilty pleasure entertainment. I've watched Kardashians (GASP) and I have even been known to flip through YouTube looking for stupid videos. I am not immune to this insanity. Trust me I know. Sometimes, you cannot help but want to look.

However, I want to stop. I really do. So in an effort to make the world a better place, I have compiled a list of alternative and more positive things to focus on other than Miley Cyrus, Vodka Samm, and Mrs. Hall.

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