Stuff You Will NEVER Hear South of I-80

Next to Northwest Indiana, I would have to say that the far south suburbs are considered the bald headed step child of the Chicagoland area. There are probably many Chicagoans who, in fact, have never ventured further South than Comiskey Park (sorry I will never change that), and don't know much about this area.

During my college days, in Cleveland, I actually encountered a person who when I told him that I was from the south suburbs of Chicago, he responded, "Whoa! That sucks!" When I questioned him why, he responded, "Well, haven't you ever heard that song 'Bad Bad LeRoy Brown'? It talks about how terrible the south side of Chicago is."

After I rolled my eyes and walked away, I did some thinking.

I always knew growing up that the other areas of Chicagoland didn't view the south suburbs with much fondness, but I didn't know that this was some sort of national phenomenon.

Since many of you who read my blog may not know too much about the south suburbs, let me educate you. Here are the top 10 things you will NEVER hear South of I-80.

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