A Letter To My Oldest Son on His First Day of School

Dear Buddy,

This is one of those moments that you may not remember forever, but I certainly will. I will remember it as clearly as the day you were born and I smelled your little bald head for the very first time. I will remember it as if it is your very first steps, or the first time you said Mommy, or the day you held your baby siblings for the first time, or your very first soccer goal.

You are heading out into the big wide world to learn, grow, and be your own man. You'll make new friends, mistakes, and countless pieces of artwork that I will most certainly hang up all over our house. Mommy might get a little teary (Daddy and siblings too), but it doesn't mean we aren't happy for you, we are just going to miss you a teeny bit (ok a lot).

I cannot wait for you to experience all this world has to offer, and I know that your inquisitive mind will soak up every bit like a sponge.

Here are just a few reminders for you as you head out:

- Remember, you are absolutely and totally loved. There is no one on this planet right now who loves you more than your family. When you are frustrated learning to read, sad you lost at a game on the playground, have had a rough day or a bad test score, you are loved always. Always!

- Mistakes happen. Just don't forget to say your sorry and offer to make it better, and learn from the experience.

- Give everyone a chance (or two or three). You never know who might be your best friend.

- Be kind to everyone.

- Make safe choices.

- Work hard and try your absolute best all the time. It pays off, trust me. You will get out of this experience what you put into it.

- Sometimes you might feel different from other kids in your class, remember this is a wonderful thing. It is what makes you who you are.

- Stand up for yourself without being mean.

- Tell us everything about your day. We want to hear!

- Ask questions.

Have a wonderful first day! We love you, and know you'll be extraordinary.

Take care,

Mommy, Daddy, Boy, and Bean

PS Eat your lunch!


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