Cubs: The Other South Side Team?

Growing up in the far south suburbs, I am sure you would assume I am a Sox fan.

You would be correct.

However, while I grew up and still live South of I-80 I also come from a baseball broken home. While my Dad loved the Sox and used to tell us about the days of taking the train to go see games by himself as a child, my Mom is a Cubs fan through and through. I remember cheering loudly beside her every time Ryno stepped up to the plate, or swooning as Rick Sutcliffe would strike out another batter.

Because I am a sentimental soul, I am a lover of Chicago baseball, and root for both teams (and so do my kids). I know many of you are gasping in disbelief that this South of I-80 native would have a split personality. But be honest I've never understood the rivalry between Cubs and Sox, and have always managed been loyal to both.

Cubs Sox

I cried tears of sadness in 2003 when the Cubs lost in the playoffs. Watched as yet another year passed when the Cubs would have to face another year of ridicule from other franchises and their own fans. Two years later, I cried tears of joy watching the Sox win the World Series and celebrated with a party while we watched the parade weaving its way through Chicago.

When I saw this article yesterday in the Tinley Park Patch, my first reaction was "Wow, that Mayor Zabrocki is a smart fill in the blank."

According to the article, Tinley Park's mayor has written a letter to Tom Ricketts suggesting that maybe, just maybe the Cubs move to the South suburbs... the far south suburbs. Like almost South of I-80.

In the letter he says:

"I think it's important for historic structures to be maintained and used by the public, however, in the event you cannot come to an agreement with the City of Chicago, I would be remiss not to tell you about the opportunity that exists in the Village of Tinley Park."

Why do I think he's smart? Well, really whether the Cubs move to Tinley Park is neither here nor there. While it would be a dream come true for someone like me (two ball parks that close to my house!), the mere fact that the offer has been put on the table is pretty amazing.

Talk about trying to unite two nations.

Really, what makes Mayor Zabrocki smart is the fact that he offered. The Cubs have to be flattered. They are wanted. Even if it is by only a few people in the South Suburbs.

Tinley Park has the space, it has highway access (literally blocks north of I-80), train access, and a thriving community. Mayor Zabrocki offered, and as the old saying goes there is no such thing is bad publicity. In this case, Tinley looks like a nice community trying to help.

While I am sure that die hard Cubs fans would never want to travel this far to see their beloved Cubs (well except for like the 20 of us that live down here), and the Sox fans would be totally annoyed that they would have to travel farther to see their Sox than the Cubs, what would be so terrible? Nothing. Life would go on, the South Suburbs might not be considered the red headed step child anymore, and maybe the Cubs curse would be broken.

Who knows what the Cubs will say or if this offer will even be seriously considered, but Tinley Park has offered, and the Cubs cannot deny that it is nice to to wanted... even if it is only by a few people almost South of I-80.


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