My Love Affair With Comedy: Part I

Long before I found the love of my life, Brian, I had a first love.

I was head over heels, crazy infatuated with comedy. I loved to laugh, and I loved watching other people laugh. I liked studying what was so funny behind some jokes. I couldn’t stop listening to Bill Cosby: Himself on my parents’ record player over and over and over again. I used to sneak a little black and white tiny portable TV under my covers on Saturday night so that I could watch Saturday Night Live. I read George Carlin books before I was in high school. I just loved comedy!

I still love comedy, but not as much as my husband and kids (I like to keep my priorities straight). However, I have to say comedy is up there on what I love most about life.

I think I discovered how much I love comedy when I was in Kindergarten. I know that seems young, but I absolutely loved watching television that made me laugh. I would watch re runs after school every day. It must have been pretty weird for my family to watch me as a six year old laughing when I watched Sanford and Son.

Even though, I was quite the goody two shoes, and I tried to follow the rules, I was often very carefully observing the class clowns. The kids in class that were jokesters were my absolute favorites. It was almost as if I were critiquing what they were doing to get a laugh, and knew that some day, I wanted to make people laugh too. Of course, my fear of getting in trouble outweighed getting a laugh greatly at this stage in my life. Catholic school will do that to a kid.

As I got into my teens, I found myself only wanting to see funny movies, watch funny shows, and read funny books. If it was too dramatic, a tear jerker, or a scary movie you could most definitely count me out.

I remember 1997 was a huge year for movies. This was also when my friends were just learning to drive, and we could all pass for 17 to get into R rated movies. My friend wanted to see movies like L.A. Confidential, Good Will Hunting, Jurassic Park, Titanic, Amistad, and they dragged me to all of them, practically kicking and screaming. I just wanted to see The Full Monty or Austin Powers. I realize now, they were doing me a huge favor by broadening my horizons a bit, but at the time, I wanted no part of it.

Then, in college, I realized that I probably should be more of a well rounded individual, and I diversified my interests a bit. I found a love for fiction, and started reading other non-comedy books. I also saw more diverse movies in the theater, and I decided to dedicate some time to Food Network.

However, I always came back to comedy. Always.

Fellow, ChicagoNow blogger, Mary Tyler Mom, shared this on Facebook, awhile back and it got me thinking about where I spend my time.

I think it is time to get back to spending a little more time with my old friend, Comedy.


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