Top Ten Reasons There Will Not be a Poehler/Fey Ticket in 2016

Now that the election is long past and the Inauguration is over, people are back to forgetting about anything related to politics. Of course, I’m not sure if caring about Beyonce’s lip syncing counts as caring about politics, but I digress.

Those that do care are already have theories about who will be campaigning in 2016. Joe Biden hasn’t been able to shake a hand without analysts speculating that his friendliness is an indication of running. Also, don’t get me started on Hillary. I mean, there are actually people saying that unless she cuts her hair there is no way she will be running in 2016. As if haircuts are the barometer for elections.

I saw this shirt a few weeks ago, and I want it. I’m really hoping I get it for Valentine’s Day (hint, hint).

I then got to thinking. What if?

I mean if Steven Colbert can run, why can’t my two of my favorite comedians? The only thing, in my opinion, that would make this ticket better would be if Mindy Kaling was asked to run the campaign.

While it is fun to dream, I know this would never happen.

Here is my list of Top Ten Reasons Why Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will Not Run in 2016.

1.)    Considering Tina Fey’s contract with L’Oreal, my guess is she has to keep her hair long.

2.)   I don’t think Amy Poehler could stand being in a primary debate with her crush, Joe Biden.

3.)   The likelihood of two women winning in 2016 is about the same as a black man winning two elections back to back. (Hooray, it is possible!)

4.)   If Tina Fey and Sarah Palin were to have a debate, it would be like watching The Parent Trap.

5.)   People with a sense of humor need not apply.

6.)   Amy Poehler also has long hair.

7.)   Writing, directing, producing, acting, hard work, dedication and “bitches getting stuff done” apparently have no place in politics.

8.)   While working with Jack Donaghy may feel like working with John Boehner. It’s really not.

9.)   FOX News would implode.

10.) They are much too smart.

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