It's Been Six Months, and I'm still Embarrassed by Magic Mike

Hi. I’m Erin. I saw Magic Mike... in a theater.

(And the people say, “Hi Erin.”)

Just sharing the fact that I spent more than a $1 Red Box movie rental fee, or any money for that matter to see this movie makes me blush with embarrassment, and want to crawl under a table.

I went with a group of gal pals. We went out for dinner and drinks, and then saw the movie. The having drinks with girlfriends without kids and husbands was the fun part. The movie part wasn't as fun. Well it was a little “fun”  in that this movie is so so bad we giggled the whole way through.

I do not have the most refined movie taste, and I am in no way a movie critic, but based on what I do know about movies, Magic Mike was not good. Also, I think if you need to see some men with no pants, there are ways to do that without a bad story line, bad acting, and a very spray tanned Matthew McConaughey.

The funny thing is, this isn't even the most embarrassing part of the story.

I got a new wallet a few weeks ago. When I cleaned out the old wallet, I found a bunch of movie stubs and my old gym membership card. Since my two year old daughter loves wallets and purses and stuff, I put the stubs and the card in the wallet and gave it all to her to play with.

Then, I forgot I did this.

A few days later, I went to pick up my older kids from school. My daughter grabs the wallet and decides to play with it in the car. We go into the school to pick up the kids and  to say hi to my husband who happens to work in the school. The secretaries see my daughter with her pretty new purse, and start asking her all sorts of questions. She unzips the wallet, and starts taking out something to show the secretary (you can see where this is going can’t you?)

My two year old daughter hands the secretary my ticket stub to Magic Mike. The secretary giggles. Thank goodness she giggled and didn’t call DCFS... or Dean Richards.

I immediately wanted to slink under a rug. I started saying things like, “Well, there… were… ummm… all all kinds of movie stubs in there. Just so you know, I went with a bunch of girlfriends. We didn’t even like it. Honey, show them the Wreck It, Ralph stub.” First off, she's two. She cannot read. Second of all, the babbling just made it worse.

This incident not only makes me look like an incompetant parent because now people are going to think I let my two year old daughter see Magic Mike (in a theater),  but there is an even bigger problem here:

People are going to think I have poor taste in movies.

As I said before, I’m not a movie connoisseur and I may not have seen all the Oscar nominees (yet) this year, but I will. My favorite movies are old classics like Roman Holiday, Rear Window, and The Philadelphia Story. Great movies! I also love great comedies and movies that are a little more complex like The Descendants. Another great movie! In addition, to defend myself, the past several times I have even set foot into the theater has been to see movies like Wreck It Ralph, Brave,  and Finding Nemo 3D.

Why couldn’t those be the ticket stubs she handed the secretary. WHY????

Oh well, I guess this shame will have to follow me for the rest of my life.

Hi. I’m Erin. I saw Magic Mike... in the theater.


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