Do Childhood Toys Determine Your Future? I hope not!

Santa came. That crazy bastard in the red suit came down our chimney and left my kids a ton of loot. They are excited. I am exhausted. So exhausted that I just lie on the couch and watch them play with their new toys. Thankful that I can catch a break. Then, I get to thinking. Has Santa just foretold what my children will do?

The reason I started thinking this is because almost everyone I have known since childhood has had a certain toy or game they played which almost directly correlates to their current profession or interests.

Here is a list of examples that prove my “Toys to Careers Theory”

My oldest brother Brian has always been very money conscious and frugal. I would be willing to bet he still has his Communion money stashed somewhere (probably in some low risk mutual fund). As a kid, he would save and save and shop and shop until he could afford the most perfect thing. He would even save his Easter candy. Job Today: Finance

My sister Beth spent most of our childhoods forcing us to play school with her. She would make us sit in make shift desks while telling us to sit down, shut up, and color our pictures or we’d be sent to detention. Job Today: Principal

My brother Kevin had an affinity for Star Wars like most kids his age, but spent a great deal of time playing with Legos. More specifically, the castle medieval type Lego sets. It would take him all day to build and set up the dining room table with his complete medieval Lego village. He also would have very complex story lines regarding all of the lego characters. Today: Degree in history, writer, storyteller.

My husband Brian made up his own game. When he was a little he would take extension cords and pretend to “plug them in” the couch cushions. According to his family he could spend hours, plugging and unplugging. Job Today: District Technology Director and Network Administrator (basically regarding anything with a some sort of plug he is in charge)

Coincidence? I think not.

The panic has set in.

Right now, we have a toy room filled with horses, lego guys, cars, and a dollhouse. All these toys are well and good, but I think we need an educational upgrade here. I mean if we go by the theory I’m looking at a horse jockey, a professional Lego guy maker somehow involved in transportation, and a really bad architect (there are already pieces missing to the dollhouse).

Do I need to be worried? I know that not one job is more important or better than the other, but I was kind of banking on being taken care of in my winter years. I know it seems a little outlandish, but I thought I would get my health care for free by my daughter physician. I could possibly get to hang out in the White House with my son the President. And  perhaps, just perhaps I would be the mother of a Nobel Prize winner and get to make the awesome trip to Stockholm.

From the looks of it, I might have to start putting more money away. These kids are going to be here awhile.

Or maybe I should actually start investing in chemistry sets, Math iPad apps, and this awesome toy:, for which I am now on the waiting list. (I told you I panicked, people!)

Thanks for reading this. I now will go back to reading the kids the encyclopedia.

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