Dick's Sporting Goods is Appropriately Named

Here’s the deal. I don’t typically like to give bad reviews. Sometimes, it really isn’t worth sharing my bad experience somewhere. Everyone has an off day, right? But I have to say I don’t think I have ever had a good experience at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Unfortunately, except online, there are just some things you can only get at Dick’s. I am always kicking myself for not buying online every time I have to go into that place. I tend to be last minute with things, but no more. I will plan ahead so that I no longer have to experience the following:

  1. I once was looking for a sporty winter coat, and the Dick(‘s) associate helping me  said, “Ummm, I don’t think they make winter coats that big.” I am in no way skinny, but I am in no way “that” big either.  I think the saying goes, “the customer is always right” not “let’s make the customer feel fat.” Needless to say that woman is lucky she is still alive.
  2. The time that I waited in line for a half hour for the person in front of me to get a price check. The Dick(‘s) cashier paged the store manager 5 times. When the Dick(‘s) manager came to the front of the store she had messed hair and running mascara. Obviously she was… napping?
  3. One time I saw a football there on sale. The Dick(‘s) cashier rung me up for the non-sale price. When I told him that the football was on sale, he said, “I cannot help you. I don’t know how to fix this,” and proceeded to put the football in the bag. To which I replied, “Well then I don’t know how to buy this.”
  4. The time I was frantically trying to find shin guards and I asked a Dick(‘s) sales associate where they might be, and he said, “I have no idea. What are shin guards exactly?”
  5. (I know after all of that you still cannot believe I went there.) The time I had to get soccer socks for my kids. I asked a Dick(‘s) associate if they had anything smaller than a medium. She went to the back and came back with a large and extra large. I clarified that I needed something smaller than a medium, like maybe a small or extra small. The Dick(‘s) associate again came back with an extra large saying, “I couldn’t remember what size you said but I knew there was an extra in there somewhere.”

One off day? Ok. Two? Maybe. Five? I am outta here. If you need sporting goods, go elsewhere. You have been warned. Otherwise if you must patronize Dick’s, please do not have any questions for any of the Dick(‘s) associates, Dick(‘s) clerks, Dick(‘s) cashiers, or Dick(‘s) managers.

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