Fight for Your Right to Vote and to Party!

Today is a day for celebration! As you know, I am amazingly proud of my far South Side upbringing, but today I am also so proud to be an American. More on Election Day than any other day.

I’m proud of my country. I am proud to vote. I am proud that to be a woman that voices her opinion (which not that long ago was impossible and in many countries still is). I’m proud that an old high school chum’s name was on my ballot today. I’m proud of my Facebook and Twitter pals taking a break from bashing each other’s political beliefs today, and just encouraging each other to exercise their right to vote. I am proud to hear the story of a man in Detroit who nearly died while waiting to vote, and when revived asked if he could still vote.

Who wouldn’t be proud to be part of all of this?

We have so much to celebrate today, so let's party! Let's have a nice dinner with family, join with our friends at our local pub, light some fireworks, make a special dessert, or open a bottle of wine. If we can celebrate the Oscars and the SuperBowl, certainly we can gather with a few friends and some beer watch the returns. It is your right to vote, but it also your right to celebrate it!

So, let’s raise our glasses and toast to this awesome country of ours while we sit in front of our computers, smart phones and TV’s with bated breath tonight.

Happy Election Day!


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