Free Parking

People obviously move to the suburbs for different reasons. I think a big draw of moving South of I-80 is the space. There are miles of walking and bike trails, acres of forest preserve, huge back yards, and lots and lots of open and FREE parking.

Apparently, the lady who parked next to me last week at Target doesn’t quite understand the concept.

I came out of Target with three kids in tow to find a small sports car parked very close to my car. So close  the nuns at my former Catholic High School would have been appalled. Let's just say, there was not even enough room for the Holy Spirit. The woman in the car was sitting in her car with the windows down, smoking, listening to the radio and gabbing on her cell phone.

When I went to get my kids in the car (all three of whom are still in car seats which means I need access to both sides of the vehicle), I must have tapped her car with my door. I want to emphasize the word TAP here, because I didn’t even hear or realize I did it. The lady leans out her window and says not so politely,  "Stop smacking my car."

To which I replied, "Can you please stop ashing your cigarette on my car? There are only about five other cars in the lot this morning, maybe you could continue your conversation in one of the other free parking spots."

That shut her up, and she moved while I finished unloading my groceries and kids.

There were two lessons learned here:

  • There is plenty of parking at any Target in the Southwest Suburbs on a weekday morning (you might want to keep this in mind for you Holiday shopping).
  • Don’t mess with a mom of three kids under 4 years old who is at the grocery store at 8:30 a.m.


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