Crazy 'bout a SOUTH Side Gal

Welcome to the first installment of South of I-80 - where I talk about all things that are great and not so great (are there any?) about living in FAR south suburban Chicago.

Ever hear that song that is constantly played on XRT by JD McPherson that includes "La la la, crazy 'bout a north side gal." When I sing it, I change the words to South Side gal. Oh, and for those of you wondering, yes, we get Chicago radio stations down here. In fact, we have indoor plumbing and electricity too.

Maybe I just feel a little discriminated against. My whole life, I have always gotten the look from people when they hear I'm from the far South side. You know the look; you've either given it or received it. The "oh, so you are one of THOSE people" look. The look that says, "Are you even from Chicago?"

Some of the most amazing Chicagoans are born and raised right here on the South Side. South Side gals (and guys) are special too. Yes, sometimes we can be a little rough around the edges and drink a little too much at a weekend festival. Perhaps we may be a little crazy about the White Sox. Maybe we will only eat Aurelio's from the Homewood location. Occasionally, we may drive a little too fast on the Dan Ryan, but hey, we cannot help it.

For those of you questioning our Chicagoness, I have a few questions. Do our veins not bleed blue and orange for Da Bears? Do we not have a very candid opinion on the teacher strike even though none of our kids actually attend Chicago Public Schools? Do we not watch Skilling every SINGLE night? Do we remember lining the streets for the parade when our beloved Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup? Do we not refuse ketchup on our hot dogs? Of course we do. We may live outside the city (ok REALLY outside the city), but we are Chicagoans, through and through.

When anyone outside of this state, or country asks us where we are from, we always say Chicago. We may be a bit of a Metra ride away, but that doesn't make us any less Chicago. Thanks for joining me as I share my view of what happens in the part of  Chicago that lies South of I-80.


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  • Welcome to the asylum! ;-)

  • In reply to siblingless:

    Ha! Thanks!

  • I think that "North Side Gal" song lasted on 'XRT about as long as the Cubs remained in contention.

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