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Time to Think for Ourselves: Sift Through ALL of It

It is not too often touted that it is okay to doubt what we have been taught to believe. And yet… Doubt it? From my perspective, it is imperative that we do a lot more than simply doubt. Instead, if we truly desire freedom from the invisible chains that bind us, we must get really... Read more »

A New Friend, A Powerful Exchange, and The Systems of Privilege

I just returned home from a meeting with a new friend. She reached out to me to learn more about my work as a soul nurturer. Turns out, it was a mutually powerful exchange of ideas and energy. I drove home with this blog inside of me. It has actually been coalescing for days, months... Read more »

Michelle Obama and Utilizing the News to Expand Perspective

Oh, how I love me my Chicago Tribune! I excitedly read it every morning and actually feel a wee bit unhinged if for some reason, like the other morning, it is not waiting on my lawn upon my morning shuffle to the front door. Often, on weekend mornings especially, I excitedly (and quite loudly according... Read more »

WE Must Go First!

WE Must Go First!
WHO becomes the next president, while important, is actually far less important than each one of us individually, through our own personal development, moving from an ego-based consciousness to a heart-based one. When I step away from the political hype and get really quiet, I know this to be the truth deep in my soul. When... Read more »