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Intuition, Us, Our Children—How to Make Tuning In a Priority

Because we are blended beings—both body and soul—we have been blessed with an ongoing, user-friendly, and trustworthy gift. Knowledge of an inner compass, and as important, permission to use it daily for both big and small decisions is perhaps the most powerful tool that we can offer our children. Even as young babes rocking in... Read more »

A Recent Project, Giving Away My Power, and A Sore Tailbone

Over the past several months, I worked with another individual on a project that ultimately never landed fully in physical reality. While it could be looked upon as a “failure” in many ways—lost time, energy and money—for me, it has proven to be yet another priceless cycle of learning, inviting me to completely TRUST MYSELF.... Read more »

A Call to Men: Please Allow Your Woman to Grow

A Call to Men: Please Allow Your Woman to Grow
Okay, before I ruffle any peacock feathers, right off the bat with this blog, I must say that I am most certainly NOT speaking to many, many men, and probably especially not to the men who are on a self-exploratory path and who are obviously quite open to personal growth. In fact, there are many... Read more »