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Jason Collins's Announcement: Family Discussion Gold

After school yesterday, by chance, my husband was home due to a late game rather than an after-school practice. With the windows open and a lovely breeze blowing through the house, we both sat on the couch and watched sports coverage with our twelve year old son. Like many a boy his age, he is... Read more »

The New Pope and Enlightenment

We have been watching the extravaganza of choosing a new Pope in absolute wonderment in our home over the past few weeks. My children just keep asking over and over in amazement about why it is mostly a sea of elderly, white men that we keep seeing on the news and what do they have... Read more »

Facebook Envy: Houston, We Have a Problem!

As social media becomes a bigger and bigger aspect of so many of our lives, it is of utmost importance that we remain very self-aware when using it. While some people become quite open and enthused from the experience, a recent study led by two universities in Germany found that many individuals actually feel diminished... Read more »

Michelle Obama and Utilizing the News to Expand Perspective

Oh, how I love me my Chicago Tribune! I excitedly read it every morning and actually feel a wee bit unhinged if for some reason, like the other morning, it is not waiting on my lawn upon my morning shuffle to the front door. Often, on weekend mornings especially, I excitedly (and quite loudly according... Read more »

Facebook: My Girls and Me—An Unexpected Gift

Facebook: My Girls and Me—An Unexpected Gift
My two teenage daughters (ages fourteen and three weeks shy of sixteen) and I, like most mothers and daughters, share much within the daily familial spectrum. For us, beyond the obvious role of parent/child, due to an openness and a conscious desire to see each other full-on in all of our giddy, emotional glory, our... Read more »