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My High School Reunion and The Unexpected Week After

Last weekend I attended my 25th High School Reunion. I hadn’t been back to my hometown in this capacity without a spouse or children for fifteen years. My parents divorced and moved from the area while I was in college. Let me start by saying that a huge impetus for attending the reunion was to... Read more »

Intuition, Us, Our Children—How to Make Tuning In a Priority

Because we are blended beings—both body and soul—we have been blessed with an ongoing, user-friendly, and trustworthy gift. Knowledge of an inner compass, and as important, permission to use it daily for both big and small decisions is perhaps the most powerful tool that we can offer our children. Even as young babes rocking in... Read more »

Baseball, A Broken Wrist, and 10 Things to Consider

As they say, timing is everything. And, as they say in certain sports, it’s all in the wrist… My twelve year old son broke his wrist last weekend at a hoops tournament, four weeks almost to the minute of his dream to play baseball with his travel team for a six day extravaganza at Cooperstown,... Read more »

My Mother's Day Gift List with a Little Twist

First of all, a big, fat HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of my beautiful mom friends! I hope you have a wonderful upcoming day, month and year… Okay, so there are lots of blogging moms out there these days who talk about the “dark” side of motherhood. They utilize colorful language and talk about all... Read more »

Jason Collins's Announcement: Family Discussion Gold

After school yesterday, by chance, my husband was home due to a late game rather than an after-school practice. With the windows open and a lovely breeze blowing through the house, we both sat on the couch and watched sports coverage with our twelve year old son. Like many a boy his age, he is... Read more »

Senator Rob Portman, Mother Bear and The BIG Love

So much in the news today makes me reflect upon the difference between the Big Love and the Little Love. Yes, love is love, AND YET, for most of us our love tends to be more of the Little Love variety that remains limited to a select few. As we move along the path of... Read more »

Family and Friends: They May Not Like What We Do—So What!

Some of my own family members and friends are at the very least not interested in what I do, and at the most, downright resistant to it. Some even view it as useless psycho-spiritual blathering. More than a few don’t even read my blogs—what I consider to be pieces of writing straight from my core.... Read more »

The Many Sides of ME

Nothing is exciting me more right now, personally or professionally, than the conscious blending of the profane and the profound, the sacrilegious and the sacred, the blasphemous and the spiritual, the human and the soul. I mean, I am turned on, really turned on, by the recent realization—intellectually I’ve understood it for years—but rather the... Read more »

Martha and Mary: Two Sisters, Two Perspectives and Jesus

Martha and Mary: Two Sisters, Two Perspectives and Jesus
Most of you know that I am not a religious gal. The Bible is not a book that I know well, and barely at all, in fact. That being said, I do feel that Jesus was a highly evolved being who walked this planet inviting us to become aware of the Christ Consciousness possible within... Read more »

Newtown, Connecticut: Time to Change the Way We Educate Our Children

Newtown, Connecticut: Time to Change the Way We Educate Our Children
Many blogs and articles have already been written about different aspects of the human tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, and I have been tuned in and trying my best to listen to all sides without judgment. After some quiet time with myself, I am moved to write about what is closest to my heart in regard to this... Read more »