From Role to Soul: Second Book Release and More

Hi Friends,

First of all, please forgive me if you have already seen an email or a post on my new book. I never want to inundate people. Just trying to get the word out once through all of my channels.

Second, I know you have not seen a blog from me in a while. Honestly, after writing this second book, for now anyway, I'm not feeling the call to write, be it publicly or even privately in a journal, like I have over the past decade. That may or may not change. My blog is not going anywhere at this point, but just wanted to let you know where I am as far as output.

Third, I want to take this opportunity to let you all know how much I appreciate each of you taking the time to read my blogs over the past four years. I have enjoyed sharing my perspective with all of you immensely. Thank you for inviting me into your inbox on a regular basis. And for those of you who read via Facebook, I have so loved interacting with you there.

And finally, a little about the book for those who have not yet read an announcement…FromRole-3d.small-1

I am thrilled to announce the release of my second book, From Role to Soul. It is a personal reflection of my awakening journey over the past twenty-five years and offers insight into the interior shifts that begin to take place. Through sharing my perspective and experience, I hope to assist others unearth the gem that lies within. The book is simple in many ways, yet deep and sometimes funny, as I share my inner world, my life.

As I am now moving in some new directions, From Role to Soul feels like a culmination of my years as a spiritual seeker. It has been a challenging AND supremely uplifting ride.

While I know that we are all at different stages with unique interests, if it resonates to purchase a copy of my book and/or share it with others whom you feel may be interested in such an offering, I would greatly appreciate it. Word of mouth is definitely an author's best friend.

The writing of two personal books, as well as over 100 blogs and articles, about the journey of awakening is one of the means in which I hope to have contributed in my own small way as we, as a species, seek to move to higher ground in these times of beautiful light and substantial dark. I know of no other way to shift what we see in our world other than each one of us allowing a greater intimacy with our own soul through an interior awakening journey.

From Role to Soul can be found on Amazon by Clicking Here.

I hope you are all well. Thank you!

Warmth and Love,



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