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Throughout the past few months, I have been in an interesting phase.

After three and a half years of writing a blog and about a year longer on social media, I woke up one day and just felt weary, burned out, bored—any word here will do—of blogging, as well as much of social media.

Interestingly, I have never been the daily or even always weekly blogging type. But nonetheless, it was always there. And as for social media, I am a regular.

The thought came to me more than once that perhaps it's time to just shutter the whole venture up and go back to before the days of continuous sharing.

Not only was I feeling no desire to write blogs, but I really had lost much of my desire to read them, comment on them and share them, too. It felt like I was simply "blogged out."

When I would attempt to read blogs, no matter what the topic, even many of the "spiritually-oriented" blogs that I used to devour, often the words—and more accurately the feeling—blah, blah, blah came into my awareness.

And to be sure, I am certain that sometimes others felt the same when reading mine!

So many of the topics just felt overdone and/or worn thin to me, like been there, done that—multiple times.

For example, the shadow aspects of motherhood… I felt so over that one. Yes, we know that sometimes our kids want to make us drink at 4:00 on a Tuesday afternoon, but well, I personally don't need to read about it every day.

Or, the ten reasons why the Cubs still can't win The World Series… Make it 100 and still gets a little old after a while.

Or, we are all divine… Yep, you know I totally agree with that one, but even that one lost its luster for me after near daily mention. I know, big surprise!

Part of it could be that I finished my second book over the winter which took a lot of creative and emotional energy.

Part of it could be that sometimes it actually feels kinda narcissistic to me to feel that others want to hear continuously what we have to say on any given topic.

Part of it could be that the inundation of blogging and social media, while blessedly giving each of us a platform with a voice, can drown out the voice of our own soul after a while.

Part of it could be that the gist of my sharing boils down to a few basic things: Be yourself. We are all one. Enjoy life. And quite frankly, there are only so many ways that I can express these offerings over and over again without tiring of it myself.

Part of it could be that I treasure silence.

BUT, after some soul-searching, I recognize that blogging and social media have been tremendous gifts in my life for a multitude of reasons, the largest being that they have given me the tools and the courage to share my truth with the world.

And in sharing my truth, I have come to know myself in a wider, deeper way.

The truth is, I do desire to continue sharing my vantage point when I feel moved to do so, whether it be via a blog or a post on social media.

The truth is, I do appreciate tremendously the opportunity to interact with others and to hear their vantage point which may expand my own, as well as see where perhaps there is common ground amidst universal threads.

The truth is, that the capacity for an "ordinary" individual like myself to have a voice that can be broadcast around the globe with such ease is an almost unimaginable gift that can be used to uplift our world.

And when I consider these truths, the enthusiasm and appreciation returns.

And today, I came home from driving a carpool, and with coat still on (and pj bottoms, too, if you must know), I felt the familiar tug to grab my computer and share.

I realize that as with anything, creativity will ebb and flow. I am one who needs a lot of quiet and solitude. I now understand that it's more than okay and sometimes very needed to take breaks from blogging, social media and sharing in general.

I also recognize that sometimes less is more for me.

Sometimes a simple Facebook post of one or two sentences says everything that I would want to share in a blog. Sometimes I feel that the fuller picture that a blog offers is the direction the energy is flowing. And maybe one day, there will even be a third book.

I'm not sure.

But after these past few months, I am sure that I desire to continue to contribute my contemplations and ideas to the world.

I am sure that my capacity for both silence and voice are deeply important to me.

I am sure that I desire to hear the truth of others on all kinds of topics.

I am sure that my general offerings of soul to soul, oneness, truth and joy will continue to be the pillars of all that I share.

It feels really good to write this blog and share from my heart today.

I haven't written a new blog since right before the holidays, and this feels like a new beginning—not necessarily of a weekly blog—but rather a commitment to remain open to all of the ways that myself and others seek to share our voice.

For if I recognized one thing over the past few months, it was what a privilege it is to have the means when the inner feeling arises to do so.

To be seen. To be heard. Yes, what a gift!

Warmth and Love,


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