Time to Think for Ourselves: Sift Through ALL of It


It is not too often touted that it is okay to doubt what we have been taught to believe. And yet...

Doubt it? From my perspective, it is imperative that we do a lot more than simply doubt. Instead, if we truly desire freedom from the invisible chains that bind us, we must get really serious about sifting through ALL that we have been taught to believe, and only keep what is in alignment with our own soul.

In fact, our most whole, authentic, truthful and joyous life indeed does depend on it.

What deep inside of us lies dormant and trapped underneath the layers of our culture, early years, education, religion, generational attitudes, societal norms of our times, and in general, the multitudinous embedded beliefs of others?

The REAL Me, the REAL You, and a most precious, sacred, honest LIFE... That's what!

But the big question is do we want to become that intimate with the REAL Us. Are we ready for a deep, impenetrable intimacy with our own soul? Do we have the courage and the willingness to take nothing at face value but rather think for ourselves?

It is not necessary to condemn any belief that we have taken on as our own just because well-meaning others offered it to us as truth, but it no longer fits.

But, if we desire freedom, it may be necessary to untether ourselves from beliefs that no longer serve us, many that have been simply passed down from generation to generation because "that's what we believe, that's who we are, and that's how it's done."

When we really begin to look closely, we may be surprised to find that there is some doubt about what we have been taught is true. And if we look even closer, we may decide that maybe it's time to put a little more energy towards self-exploration and a little less energy towards upholding, maintaining and living out beliefs that are not a match for our soul. And if we look closer than close, we may see with clear sight how many over-sized, under-sized, and super-sized "false" beliefs we have actually allowed to cover our true self.

While there is no one way to begin this process of awakening to our own core, many people begin with some of the larger belief systems with which they identify.

In other words, when sitting in that church pew reciting the same creeds and prayers or listening to the sermon or reading passages from the familiar sacred text, do they hold any meaning for us? If so, what? If not, why not? And always, always, IS THIS TRUTH FOR ME?

As another example—politics—does it feel better to the soul to remain simply an independent who can decide on a case by case basis or do we need the belief system of a specific political party standing behind us or more accurately in front of us?

And what about running that marathon? What lies underneath that choice? Do we enjoy running long distances? Is it an "accomplishment" fitting of most active individuals? Is it the next step in our fitness regime?

Do we actually agree with this, that and the other when it comes to all aspects of our life?

Does this, that and the other feel right to our own soul?

For those who choose to step off of the well-worn path of their past and really look with fresh eyes at their current beliefs, it may be quite surprising to realize that most of the beliefs threaded into our tapestry were not woven by us, but by another and another and another, none of whom really has any idea what lies in our most sacred interior.

Yes, the weavers may have been loving and kind and well-meaning individuals—parents, teachers, clergy, authors, mentors, counselors, grandparents, political leaders, peacekeepers, religious masters and so, so many more—but that doesn't ever make what they offer right for US until we have vetted the belief for ourselves.

In order to become whole and free (if that is what is truly desired because for many that is most definitely not what is truly desired at this time, which is more than okay), we must be willing to be reborn as fully ourselves. And in order to be reborn as fully ourselves, we must fearlessly look at the outer layers of beliefs that shroud our core.

Start small. Feel your way step by step. Move from the most outer layers inward. With each closer look ask:  IS THIS ME? IS THIS WHAT I BELIEVE? IS THIS REALLY WHO I AM? IS THIS MY TRUTH? And finally, SAYS WHO? Always, always says who...

This type of dismantling of the old—an untethering from our false self—creates the spaciousness to meet life moment-to moment, day-to-day and soul-to-soul in our most honest form. There is no higher offering that we can give to ourselves, another or the world at large.

Thank you for reading today!

Warmth and LOVE,

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