Soul to Soul Circles: Who, What and Why So Important for All Ages

There is something within each of us that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in the other... and in ourselves. ~Howard Thurman

For over seven years now I have been offering Soul to Soul Circles primarily in my home. And with each passing year, I understand more and more what a powerful gathering a circle can be...

Circles are nothing new, but rather an ancient form of communication—if done well, soul communion—that gently pulls back the human, ego-created masks to allow the interior of individuals to become better known, both to themselves and publicly, within a safe, sacred space.

The Guru is YOU sums up the gist of a Soul to Soul Circle.

As for the skinny on who, what, and why, here goes:


Personally, I feel that all age groups around the world could greatly benefit from being part of a Soul to Soul Circle. I often imagine what it would be like for teenagers, parents, professionals, the elderly and almost any other demographic that I can think of to have a place to be fully seen and heard, to come exactly as they are. So far, my circles have been primarily women ages 25-65 in all stages of the self-realization journey that takes us deeper and deeper within.

Interestingly, while some may immediately perceive a Soul to Soul Circle to be religious in nature, that is very far from the truth. My current circles include a rabbi's wife, Catholics, former-Catholics, Unitarians, Jews, other denominations and those, like myself, who do not prescribe to any religion at all. Separation, labels and identifications are the exact opposite of what a Circle invites. Instead, the whole point is to break through the layers of the human suit to reach the heart and soul.

It takes courage to join a Soul to Soul Circle. Most people express nervousness upon their first foray into this kind of forum. There is a fear of being vulnerable, and therefore, truly seen that brings up all kinds of hidden facets within one's interior. I deeply appreciate the bravery of any individual who is willing to sit among twenty others and penetrate the surface of their humanity into the unexplored high seas of the soul.


Basically, I run a Soul to Soul Circle (and there is not one way to do it by any means) by selecting a gateway, typically a book, to be used for a ten week series, meeting once a week for two hours at a time. The book is simply a vehicle used to invite self-exploration. We use the material as a launching pad for self-reflection and wholeness.

The bottom line, for me, in reading any book these days is how it relates to me. Is what the author offers true for me? That is my only barometer. In other words: Does it stir my heart to offer more love to both myself and others? Does it deepen my felt experience of Oneness? Does it remind me of the truth—spirit-embodiment? Is it an impetus to look deep inside myself for personal growth whereby I can further integrate my separate parts? Does it inspire greater wholeness within my human experience? Does it assist me in dismantling my ego to a larger degree? Does it ignite in me a greater capacity for non-judgment? Does it assist me in blending BOTH the human perspective and the soul perspective into one simultaneous vantage point?

I am sure by now that you are gathering that this is not your typical book club and nor is it intended to be...

As for the format, I offer a very brief, spontaneous invitation of gratitude for of all aspects of the Circle, we share a few minutes of silence together, we check-in with one another on anything that may be waiting "on the tip of the tongue" that occurred during the week (such as a synchronicity or a challenging issue in a participant's life), we move into the material each having brought at least three themes that relate to the above questions in some way, and finally, we end with a tremendous THANK YOU.

The Soul to Soul Circle is not a top-down model in any way, shape or form. The attention is never centered on one head person, but rather moves in all directions depending on who is sharing at the moment. As the facilitator, I set the tone and context. In my circles, the context is what one might call spiritual development, and the tone is soft, gentle, clear and deep. And, it is important to note, that because we are focused upon our humanness as much as our soul, there is much, much humor to be had!


The why is really quite simple. There is no other agenda than experiencing greater intimacy with our own soul, and witnessing the same in another, so that we can live more truthfully and fully as whole human beings. From this space, we  gradually come to navigate the world from a new vantage point of inner truth, more from soul and less from role.

Due to the nature of the Circle, the following understandings are deepened:

~Both teacher and student live within each of us

~Multiple perspectives share the same space

~All relationships and life situations provide an opportunity for personal growth

~We are fully accountable for all that occurs in our own life

~Listening without the need to "save" or "fix" anyone is empowering to all

~We are all connected and our personal growth has ripple effects on all of humanity

~Soul to Soul engagement requires presence, love, compassion and truth

There is an energy shift occurring in these times in which aspects of the divine feminine are beginning to merge with the masculine orientation that has dominated for centuries. The Soul to Soul Circle is a representation of this shift and can be utilized across all regions, religions, organizations and institutions to become places of greater self-awareness and authenticity. Circles can be called by any name—power circles, presence circles, truth circles—truly whatever floats your boat.

I offer these words today because many people have asked me what exactly a Soul to Soul Circle entails. As the facilitator, I recommend an exchange of energy of some kind. I charge for my circles as they are a big part of my work. BUT, the details and vision of a circle will be up to whoever decides to create it. Again, there are no set rules, simply a possible "framework" above.

There is much, much to be gained from this form of communion. I leave you with the following quote.



Warmth and LOVE,


And, always, THANK YOU for reading!


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