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Man Arrested Who Stole Our Car: Surprising Irony

Well, the man who stole our car in late July was arrested recently for stealing another car that was found sitting in front of his house. Turns out, fingerprints link him to our stolen car, as well. While this may sound like good news, and in some ways it is—another thief off the streets—in many... Read more »

Soul to Soul Circles: Who, What and Why So Important for All Ages

There is something within each of us that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in the other… and in ourselves. ~Howard Thurman For over seven years now I have been offering Soul to Soul Circles primarily in my home. And with each passing year, I understand more and more what a powerful... Read more »

Facebook: 10 Ways It Has Helped Me

I was relatively slow getting on Facebook. I initially felt a lot of resistance to this new medium of which many of my friends were quite enthralled. Once finally on board, it took me over a year to really warm up to it and share anything personal or work-related more than about once a month.... Read more »

From Role to Soul—No Path—Simply, I AM

Well, what’s been percolating inside for years—a lifetime (lifetimes, whatever)—seems to be gushing forth and outward after a summer of some pretty deep introspection. Good times, some might say;) But truly for me, as many of you know, reflection equals good times, indeed. Especially when it stems from my own life experiences rather than the... Read more »

10 Life Lessons from Our Stolen Car Incident

In late July, our 2010 Honda CRV was stolen from the front of our home. It was our newest car, with us only since last November. It was our SPIRIT MOBILE. Before I get to the life lessons (and gosh darn, there are always some life lessons, right), let me give you a very brief... Read more »