List of Preferences—I Choose This OVER That—How about You?

As a forty-two year old woman, I have been contemplating ME a lot recently. You never know, but I am most likely nearly at the halfway point of this beautiful incarnation as Annie Burnside, and I want to make sure that I give this gal the opportunity to lead a life of free choice—a life of full-on, blessed Annieness—for that is why I am here.

Yesterday afternoon, I rode my bike into the city of Chicago and stopped to rest, relax, and reflect at one of my favorite spots overlooking Lake Michigan with a bird sanctuary at my back.

These solo adventures during the warm months in Chicago truly represent my version of heaven on earth. I expand into my wholeness as a blended being on these outings. I feel my spirit. I come home...

While I often contemplate world affairs and the state of humanity, on this day, I began to reflect on what I truly enJOY in this world, as Annie the Human/Soul—not as Annie the Mom, the Wife, the Woman, the Soul Nurturer, the Friend, the American—but as simply ME.

A few things slowly came to mind and then suddenly the floodgate opened, and I found myself immersed in a "Celebration of All Things Annie" that brought a tremendous sense of self-love and acceptance to my heart.

The time is NOW to know ourselves better. What do we truly prefer? Choose it. Choose it as often as possible. Speak UP!

That's not to say that we won't ever compromise, but in general, in our own lives, do we allow ourselves the captain's chair or the first mate position of our own ship?

beach imageWe have infinitely more choices in both our daily living and future direction than most people are willing to admit to themselves. We are much more responsible for our own happiness than most people desire to see. So take a closer look. What do YOU prefer?

Here's my list created on my solo ride yesterday. It's nothing earth-shattering or overly deep, and yet, it speaks volumes about truly knowing and loving myself at this stage of the game within my own life.

I Prefer... Drumroll, Please:

Pizza and Beer OVER Champagne and Pate, Being OVER Doing, Open Field OVER Amusement Park, Bike OVER Car, Porch Swing OVER Roller Coaster, Convertible OVER SUV, Park Bench OVER Shopping, Beach OVER Desert, Urban Living OVER Country, Old and Rehabbed OVER New Construction, Happy Hour OVER Late Night, Southern Rock OVER Classical, Blues OVER Jazz, Paddle Boarding OVER Water Skiing, Pontoon OVER Speedboat, Brownstone OVER High Rise, NBA OVER NFL, Water OVER Mountains, Meadow OVER Forest, Open Windows OVER AC, Public Park OVER Country Club, Live Music OVER DJ, Al Fresco Dining OVER Indoor Seating, Charitable Donations OVER Political Giving, Coffee OVER Tea, Less OVER More, Simple OVER Busy, Direct Connect OVER Religion, Diversity OVER Homogeneity, Driving OVER Flying, Picnic OVER Fine Dining, Early Riser OVER Night Owl, Medical Intuitive OVER Traditional Doctor, Book OVER Movie, Outdoor Exercise OVER Gym, Deep OVER Superficial, Pancakes OVER Waffles, Bikini OVER One-Piece, Flip Flops OVER High Heels, Newspaper OVER Magazine, People-watching OVER Museum, Walking OVER Running, Diner OVER Chain, Local OVER Mall, Late Afternoon Sun OVER Mid-Morning Sun

picnicAnd the list could go on and on, but the point is to know ourselves wider, deeper and fuller, and then to act on our preferences as often as possible. I am open and appreciative of ALL mentioned above. I am in AWE of simply breathing and walking upon this planet. AND, I am willing at this stage in my life, to choose freely for me not because I allow someone else to dictate what my choices should be according to their preferences.

I highly encourage taking the time to sit someplace peaceful for you to contemplate your preferences. Infuse these identified preferences into your daily life as much as possible. This life is short, and this incarnation that is YOU right now in this space/time continuum has special preferences that feed your spirit. Choose them. Choose YOU!

Warmth and LOVE,


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