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A New Friend, A Powerful Exchange, and The Systems of Privilege

I just returned home from a meeting with a new friend. She reached out to me to learn more about my work as a soul nurturer. Turns out, it was a mutually powerful exchange of ideas and energy. I drove home with this blog inside of me. It has actually been coalescing for days, months... Read more »

List of Preferences—I Choose This OVER That—How about You?

As a forty-two year old woman, I have been contemplating ME a lot recently. You never know, but I am most likely nearly at the halfway point of this beautiful incarnation as Annie Burnside, and I want to make sure that I give this gal the opportunity to lead a life of free choice—a life... Read more »

Abduction Case in Cleveland: Why It Cuts So Deep

Like many around the country, I have been rendered almost speechless by the events that unfolded in Cleveland earlier this week. The words unfathomable, unforgivable, reprehensible and inhuman are several that do come to mind as more and more details are revealed. While the three women, one child and their very, very ill perpetrator each... Read more »

My Mother's Day Gift List with a Little Twist

First of all, a big, fat HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of my beautiful mom friends! I hope you have a wonderful upcoming day, month and year… Okay, so there are lots of blogging moms out there these days who talk about the “dark” side of motherhood. They utilize colorful language and talk about all... Read more »