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Jason Collins's Announcement: Family Discussion Gold

After school yesterday, by chance, my husband was home due to a late game rather than an after-school practice. With the windows open and a lovely breeze blowing through the house, we both sat on the couch and watched sports coverage with our twelve year old son. Like many a boy his age, he is... Read more »

A Recent Project, Giving Away My Power, and A Sore Tailbone

Over the past several months, I worked with another individual on a project that ultimately never landed fully in physical reality. While it could be looked upon as a “failure” in many ways—lost time, energy and money—for me, it has proven to be yet another priceless cycle of learning, inviting me to completely TRUST MYSELF.... Read more »

Don't Fence Me In, Baby!

While I have been steadily moving in this direction for years, it became quite apparent on Easter Sunday that I no longer desire or need to identify myself in only one way. All of our ego identifications can be a very heavy load to carry, and to lighten that load, we must go within to... Read more »