The New Pope and Enlightenment

We have been watching the extravaganza of choosing a new Pope in absolute wonderment in our home over the past few weeks. My children just keep asking over and over in amazement about why it is mostly a sea of elderly, white men that we keep seeing on the news and what do they have to do with my enlightenment.

new pope

Well, that's a very good question, and as we are not Catholic, the immediate answer would be not much. However, we also share that there are many, many paths up the mountaintop, and apparently from the looks of the crowds and time spent on reporting, millions of people worldwide see the pope as part of their enlightenment path.

While I am not equipped to speak on the hierarchies of the Catholic Church, or any church for that matter, I do feel most able to share what the awakening process has felt like for me. I say process, for it is indeed a process, with no actual finish line, but rather a gradual shift in perspective that grows and becomes more sustainable over time. Some may have a radical awakening that occurs, typically after a dark night of the soul experience, but most of us begin to awaken in degrees until we come to realize that the lens through which we experience the world has greatly expanded.

Below I offer a short list of some of the highlights of my process. Interestingly, I have wondered over the past few weeks, would the pope and numerous Cardinals concur. Would religious leaders across the world notice similar threads to what myself and so many other "spiritual seekers" have come to realize for ourselves? I find the different paths up the mountaintop to be fascinating...

So here we go—my experience thus far of the awakening process—the shifts in perspective that gradually unfold:

~A shift from role to SOUL

~A shift from either/or to and/both

~A shift from simply having a physical body to an intimate relationship with an intelligent system

~A shift from outer symptoms to desired inner signals

~A shift from individuation to ONENESS

~A shift from blaming others to accountability

~A shift from having few choices to having infinite choices

~A shift from "shoulds" to possibilities to partake or pass

~A shift from one life to many

~A shift from societal norms to personal truth

~A shift from finite to infinite

~A shift from literal to multi-dimensional

~A shift from busyness to times of stillness

~A shift from a non-stop mind chatter to greater silence

~A shift from much effort to more ease

~A shift from using primarily the mind to choosing the voice of the soul

~A shift from stated thankfulness to deeply felt gratitude

~A shift from death to no-death

~A shift from woe is me to grow is me

~A shift from hiding to vulnerability

~A shift from fear to courage

~A shift from hardness to softness

~A shift from limited to vast

~A shift from judgment to neutrality

~A shift from exclusiveness to inclusiveness

~A shift from randomness to intention

~A shift from deep self-betrayal to self-love

~A shift from cutting off love to LOVING THEM ANYWAY

~A shift from a closed heart to an open heart

~A shift from stuffing down emotions to feeling them fully and allowing them to pass through

~A shift from resisting the paradoxes to resting peacefully within them

~A shift from holding back to joyful self-expression

~A shift from separation to unification

~A shift from outer to inner


Oh my gosh, as I write this list, I become more and more passionate, excited and uplifted. At first not knowing what all I would include, the above just came pouring out and there's lots more in there still. It feels like I could create a list that just goes on and on.

Since I am not privy to the thousands of religious leaders in the world today and what their awakening process looks and feels like, I wonder if it is similar. I have experienced the journey as one that has been simply greater intimacy with my own body, mind and spirit. It has been so personal with nothing else needed other than my own willingness and desire. It has been a delving into my own interior to a dimension I never even knew existed.

My process has had absolutely nothing to do with hierarchies and formalities. In fact, it has had everything to do with paying greater attention to the ordinary.

Less mesmerization with the outside world has been my pathway in. While the awakening process is different for everyone, the recent hoopla surrounding the new pope has made me wonder. That's all, just wonder...

Warmth and LOVE,


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