Senator Rob Portman, Mother Bear and The BIG Love

So much in the news today makes me reflect upon the difference between the Big Love and the Little Love. Yes, love is love, AND YET, for most of us our love tends to be more of the Little Love variety that remains limited to a select few.

As we move along the path of awakening, we eventually come face to face with the possibility that we have been conditioned to offer the Little Love to family, friends, and those who agree with us. Suddenly, it dawns, first intellectually and then in a very real and visceral way, that the LOVE the spiritual "masters" refer to lies far beyond the Little Love that stems from attachment and ownership towards our own kind. It is actually the Big Love that they speak of.

In the space of the Big Love—ONENESS—everyone is our own kind. Kinship is felt based on a shared divine essence. Love is based on Soul to Soul and is all-inclusive.

The recent news story on Senator Rob Portman evolving his stance on gay marriage as he sought to ensure that his own gay son would have equal rights to marry really exemplifies how so many of us are bound to the Little Love rather than to the Big Love.

While I feel love and empathy for what I am sure was an extremely difficult and raw experience for the Portman family, I feel that we can reflect upon it in a deeper way to invite the Big Love to a much larger extent into our perspective.

Rob Portman

A focus upon ONENESS invites us to move beyond our limited attachments and possessive inclinations to feel a vast, eternal perspective. It is this perspective that will shift the way we treat others on this planet. It is this vantage point that will shift our politics, economics, and educational practices.

Instead of the often touted with pride "Mother Bear" stance, how about a viewpoint that offers not only the Little Love for MY child but also includes the Big Love for all. Yes, our child deserves our focus and protection, but simultaneously we can remain completely available and connected to the Big Love that encompasses all perspectives and all others.

From this largest of perspectives, our truth is spoken with warmth, inspiration, and upliftment offering a Soul to Soul vibe that transcends the limited Little Love. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Jesus, Mother Teresa, and many others have been wonderful examples of what this might look like coming from an ordinary human being.

In 2013, we can no longer wait for a select few to offer the Big Love. It is no longer enough. It has never been enough if we truly desire a peaceful co-existence with the meaningful diversity that, thankfully, makes up our planet. We all must come to understand and embody the Big Love to shift the often disharmonious nature of our world.

Once the Big Love is understood and cultivated openly then it becomes the ultimate "goal" in all interactions, perceptions and actions. Imagine a world where our children were aware of and taught to tap into the Big Love above all else.

world heart

After watching the movie, Bully, with my children, I cried because the superficial way that we continue to try to solve this issue is not enough. Collectively, there is too much focus upon the Little Love and not enough focus upon the Big Love to turn the tide. As adults, we must be willing to go first if we hold out any hope that we will raise conscious children who are themselves awake to the Big Love.

If we can dedicate ourselves to the Big Love that reaches beyond the Little Love then we awaken and become consciously spirit-embodied—a most powerful and loving stance committed to the large-scale evolution of our species.

"The Big Love serves the deeper space"—Chameli Ardagh in the book Ordinary Women Extraordinary Wisdom

So, Come On, Gimme Some of that Big Love!

Big Love

Warmth and LOVE,


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