Valentine's Day—Let it Rip Your Heart Wide-Open

Valentine's Day need not simply be a day to think of love only in terms of our own romantic partner or our own children or our own parents. Yes, Hallmark and Russell Stover want us to believe that this is what a holiday based on love is all about, but perhaps we can choose differently. Perhaps we can choose to utilize this day to consider what it could mean to our world to simply LOVE 'EM ANYWAY... All of them anyway. Everyone anyway...

winged heart

The boy who answers you rudely in the carpool... LOVE him anyway.

The woman who bristles at you in the check-out line... LOVE her anyway.

The man who begs for money on the street... LOVE him anyway.

The woman who uses drugs... LOVE her anyway.

The girl who bullies your child... LOVE her anyway.

The husband who cheats... LOVE him anyway.

The mother who belittled... LOVE her anyway.

The father who was weak... LOVE him anyway.

The murderer who endangers our city... LOVE him anyway.

But how? HOW some might ask. First of all, LOVING THEM ANYWAY has nothing to do with not allowing natural consequences to unfold. To put that in street terms, if you do the crime, you must do the time. Every single choice, EVERY CHOICE, leads us in a direction and into another choice. WE are responsible for our choices. There are natural consequences for our choices. Period.

And yet, there is a third perspective that very few on our planet have ever tapped into, much less lived, and the time has come for more of us to do so if we truly wish to offer our highest self to others and heal our divisive world.

This third perspective is a HEART-BASED perspective that holds opposing perspectives in a place of Oneness and LOVE, and it goes something like this:

We truly see a woman who has been abused, and we feel her pain and sorrow—and without judgment—we LOVE her anyway. Likewise, we truly see the man who abused her, and we feel his pain and rage—and without judgment—we LOVE him anyway.

When we truly see another we see past their humanity and into their soul. We feel BOTH the reality of our shared humanity AND the essence of our shared spirit, simultaneously. S.I.M.U.L.T.A.N.E.O.U.S.L.Y. As ONE...

This third perspective is called "Christ Consciousness" and "The Buddha Within" and it is available to all of us like never before. When we allow the third perspective, we transcend the duality of the limited human perspective and include ALL in our LOVE, and know ourselves as consciously spirit-embodied. There is no higher way that we can navigate our world.

A rare few have offered us this perspective through their own lives lived, and the message has always been JOIN ME in this heart-based consciousness. The message has always been WE ARE ALL ONE. The message has always been judge not. The message has always been the PEACE that passeth all understanding.

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So this Valentine's Day, perhaps it is time to feel beyond what we normally perceive as LOVE. This Valentine's Day let it not simply be about a limited romantic love for a few who are mine but rather an infinite love that includes everything.

If we remain locked in solely the human perspective, we remain locked in a limited capacity to love.

The time has come. Rip your heart open wider, deeper, broader and higher.

Our heart awaits the rip.

Our world awaits 7 billion rips...

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Warmth and LOVE,





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