The Many Sides of ME

Nothing is exciting me more right now, personally or professionally, than the conscious blending of the profane and the profound, the sacrilegious and the sacred, the blasphemous and the spiritual, the human and the soul. I mean, I am turned on, really turned on, by the recent realization—intellectually I've understood it for years—but rather the newfound capacity within me to more fully express both, openly and without apology.

As a child, I was both the outwardly deepest and silliest member of our family—a walking paradox, in many ways—talking about GOD one minute and then quick as lightening moving into discussing all things body (yes, penis, balls, vaginas—you get the picture) in the next and then right on back to lamenting disparities in our world and what to do about them. There was my serious love of dance and a willingness to cut it up loudly, always loudly, as my former and current immediate families can all concuranywhere, anytime and in front of anyone.

But as I grew older, I slowly began to hide different aspects of myself. At first, I hid the deeper, spiritual part from all but a very few "safe" individuals (mostly non-family members). Even as my self-exploration began literally enveloping my insides in extraordinary waves of deepened understanding and love, it wasn't until my early thirties that I felt comfortable enough to "come out" slowly with my absolute LOVE of Spirit.

Interestingly, after I came out professionally as a soul nurturer, I recognized that often I then hid publicly my more human aspects that are naturally very much who I am, as well, because I felt that it might not be "appropriate" to show certain people that side of me now that I had claimed my "spot" as a spiritual teacher. I hid a different side of me, but hiding just the same. So mainly, the quirky, silly, "inappropriate" aspects of me were saved more for my family and close friends.

But the truth is, I am a BLENDED BEING, both human and spirit, and I am damned proud to be all of it! And, I am ready and willing to express all sides of myself to the world.

I have found that there is no other path to freedom. Being fully and unabashedly ourselves is the only way to become whole. Offering the totality that is me is the greatest gift I can offer myself, another and the world at large. There are no compartments or delineations when we become whole. We ARE unified as simply one glorious blended being who is liberated to truly live from the heart and soul.

I AM...

Risque AND Saintly

Sexual AND Pure

Silly AND Deep

Loud AND Quiet

Profane AND Profound

Ordinary AND Extraordinary

profane and sacred

I LOVED the blog written by my friend, Nicole Kane Knepper, this week on teaching her children about "Delores the Clitoris" and how she lovingly and humorlessly introduced her children to this AWESOME female body part. Yep, we speak that language in our family. And, I LOVE blogs on The Daily Love site and others that invite self-love and compassion and inner work. Yep, we speak that language in our home, too.

Today, I desire wholeness from myself and others. I want to see all of you. I want you to see all of me. I desire no parts stuffed down or hidden away due to shame.

I am in love with the contradictions, the paradoxes, the dichotomies and the opposites of life. This is my life. This is your life. This is LIFE.

As I have moved steadily down this mind-blowing path of spiritual development for twenty-three years now—what continues to be a journey through my own inner space—perhaps the biggest revelation has been that ONENESS includes everything—the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, the tidy and the messy, the human and the spirit. The lasting peace and the unconditional love that we all desire come from embracing this larger perspective of ONENESS rather than labeling and categorizing life into hidden/unhidden, appropriate/inappropriate chunks.

I don't want to be boxed in to showing only one side of me to the world. I do not wish to be heard in only one voice. I'm ALL of it, and I claim all of ME...

Warmth and LOVE,


Clitoris Blog by Nicole Kane Knepper

The Daily Love site

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