Spirituality 101: 3 Things to Work on Right Now

We are having a blast in my Soul to Soul Circles this winter! Spirituality can seem daunting to many people, but in reality, it is simply an expanded lens through which we view life experiences.

People often ask me both how to get started down this path, as well as what are some ideas for implementing a spiritual practice right now. Surprisingly, we don't necessarily need a ritualistic, sacrificial, meditation-oriented, daily routine to make much headway towards spiritually awakening. Today I offer three simple (or not) ideas that could literally jumpstart those who truly desire it into a new spiritual stratosphere—no chanting, no readings, no gurus needed. Here we go!

1) NO MORE PEOPLE-PLEASING! Right now, today, look in the mirror and commit to saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Speak your truth at all times. Recently deceased author and teacher, Debbie Ford, referred to people-pleasing as no less than an "epidemic of our times" that subtly and not so subtly erodes our connection to our very own soul. We must come to recognize that our truth delivered with LOVE is our highest offering.

Honesty with ourselves and others is one of the most important aspects of the spiritual path. Practice it in small ways first. (Ex. Thank you for the invitation, and I appreciate your efforts with this organization, but I am not interested in attending the event at this time.)

We must take back our truth. We always have the choice to do so, but many instead lament their busyness, their stress, their lack of time. If we spoke more truth and let go of people-pleasing, there would be plenty of time for our soul. Choose TRUTH. Make THIS your first spiritual practice.

people pleaser

2) GO BEYOND YOUR ROLES! Most of us continually identify with our many different roles rather than with our soul. When we do so, we lock ourselves into a very limited, narrow perspective of reality leaving little room for expansion. We are not what we temporarily label ourselves to be, but rather what exists beyond and behind all of those parameters that we create for ourselves.

To awaken spiritually, we must release the continual need to label and defend our roles. We cannot know our soul if we see ourselves simply in terms of human roles.

Behind every label, beyond every identification, there is just our soul. Begin to think of yourself, feel yourself and know yourself as a soul. This is our primary state. This is who we are. When outer circumstances threaten our roles, which they often do, it becomes of little consequence. (Ex. I am a runner. I can no longer run due to injury. I am still me. I am an eternal, infinite soul.) Choose SOUL over role. Make THIS your second spiritual practice.


3) HOW ABOUT THAT! Last night, we were discussing sustained neutrality as a hallmark of an awakened individual in Soul to Soul Circle, and a lovely soul had a flash of a couple whom she has known since she was a young girl. She went on to share that even as a child, while she didn't have words for it at the time, she understood that they responded to life—the ups and the downs—differently than most people.

You see, this couple responded to most life events with "How about that!" She shared a few vivid examples, one of which was a time the couple's pipes had burst and their kitchen was flooding. Their response was one of equanimity, "Well, how about that!" It didn't mean that they didn't act by calling a plumber, but it did mean that they didn't fight reality (resistance that leads to suffering) because reality had already occurred.

Another story that had us all howling with laughter was when the couple had left a party and the wife noticed aloud that she didn't remember red lights on their dashboard. The husband then responded, "Well, that could be because we are in the wrong car, honey." Their reaction to the whole situation, "How about that!" And, their child gets married, "How about that!" And, we missed our flight, "How about that!" Choose NEUTRALITY. Make THIS your third spiritual practice.


The power of these three spiritual practices alone will change your life. Make visual cues as reminders. Make them a top priority. Practice, and when you misstep, pat yourself on the back, give yourself a "selfie" hug and TRY AGAIN!

If fully integrated, you will find yourself awash in a love and peace once only read about as possible for a select few. These practices will open the doorway to an awakened life. Your life. NOW...

Warmth and LOVE,



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