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Family and Friends: They May Not Like What We Do—So What!

Some of my own family members and friends are at the very least not interested in what I do, and at the most, downright resistant to it. Some even view it as useless psycho-spiritual blathering. More than a few don’t even read my blogs—what I consider to be pieces of writing straight from my core.... Read more »

Spirituality 101: 3 Things to Work on Right Now

We are having a blast in my Soul to Soul Circles this winter! Spirituality can seem daunting to many people, but in reality, it is simply an expanded lens through which we view life experiences. People often ask me both how to get started down this path, as well as what are some ideas for... Read more »

Valentine's Day—Let it Rip Your Heart Wide-Open

Valentine’s Day need not simply be a day to think of love only in terms of our own romantic partner or our own children or our own parents. Yes, Hallmark and Russell Stover want us to believe that this is what a holiday based on love is all about, but perhaps we can choose differently.... Read more »

Degree or No Degree—We Decide!

I have contemplated the idea of “the degree” a lot in the past several years through both my own experiential lens and through the experiences of several others whose work I greatly appreciate. Degree or no degree? Is there a degree for much of what many of us desire to offer through our work today?... Read more »

The Many Sides of ME

Nothing is exciting me more right now, personally or professionally, than the conscious blending of the profane and the profound, the sacrilegious and the sacred, the blasphemous and the spiritual, the human and the soul. I mean, I am turned on, really turned on, by the recent realization—intellectually I’ve understood it for years—but rather the... Read more »