The Veil is Thin: Create a Relationship with "Dead" People

The Veil is Thin: Create a Relationship with "Dead" People

Well, a Happy Monday morning to ya! Don't want to scare readers off right away with this title, but I do actually mean exactly what the title suggests here.

After writing the "Create a Relationship with Your Body" blog last week, it came to me that this would be my next offering in the blogosphere as the two messages are surprisingly complementary.

And YES, it did cross my linear mind that if folks thought I was a little "out there" after inviting them to talk to their cells then this one could officially put me in a "nutsville" space with a few of my readers.

BUT, once again, I feel totally drawn to share "Annieness" if doing so might help another along his or her path. So here we go—crossing joyously over to the other side—please take it or leave it as what resonates for you is felt deep within...

After thoroughly enJOYing many, many conscious (on my end, not theirs), ecstatic Soul to Soul experiences with other humans that took place in the earthly realm and were literally the HIGHLIGHT of any day, one day something quite different, yet that felt the same energetically, occurred.

I was driving alone in my car listening to music after dropping a carload of kids off at a sports practice. I began to think in a very appreciative way of an individual who had recently made her transition.

Interestingly, I did not know her that well, having seen her a few times every summer over the past 18 years up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin where our families both vacation. She had passed suddenly on her way home at the end of that summer in a car accident with her husband who had survived.

As I thought of her, thanking her for being so kind and wishing her well on the next leg of her journey, suddenly, she was in the car with me.

Her energy was everywhere enveloping me in waves of LOVE that moved up and down, over and across throughout my entire body. Tears sprang to my eyes, my breathing totally changed into a large, loud breathlessness, my scalp opened with an all-tingly, alive sensation, and I became literally immersed in ONENESS.

This soul union with a "dead" individual now on the other side felt very similar to my Soul to Soul experiences with those still in body. A greater ecstasy I have never known.

Suddenly after several seconds, the new energy in my car gently faded away. The otherworldly gift through our multi-dimensionality felt very mutual—soul union that provides the gateway into a felt experience of total and complete Oneness.

During and afterwards, I felt and expressed intense GRATITUDE for the willingness of this "individual" to offer me a beautiful doorway, a threshold into unencumbered JOY.

Since that soul union, I have felt my beautiful friend, and many others, on the other side on a regular basis.

Not too long ago, I spent a fantastic weekend with close girlfriends in Chicago. We had laughed our way through several walks and restaurants in the city. The week after, one of my friend's fathers who had passed at a young age several years before spontaneously came to my mind.

I had known him growing up and really loved his warmth, generosity and sense of humor. When I thought of him at this time, I opened a dialogue with him letting him know what a wonderful mother, friend and utterly lovely woman his daughter had become.

Suddenly, the same as before, his energy was with me. The now familiar ecstatic waves of energy beckoned me into soul union once again, and through that generously offered doorway, into a state of bliss and Oneness.

The reason that I am sharing these most intimate experiences that leave me breathless with a feeling of "Drop to My Knees Gratitude" is because I desire others to know that this type of soul union is possible for each and every individual who truly desires it.

These types of "mystical" experiences that used to be considered reality for only a select, chosen few, are absolutely, positively available to ALL!

Of course, one does not have to open to this type of soul union to be happy or to be awakened or to be filled with JOY. But from one human being to another, I offer you my truth here.

For me, expanding my capacity to feel beyond the earthly dimension has changed my life.

Experiencing the eternalness that is LIFE, meaning timelessness and spacelessness, not eternal as typically thought of in a linear fashion, creates an AWE within at the sacredness of the journey.

Just like the relationship with our body, once viewed in a new light, from an aerial vantage point, there is no going back to seeing the world in which we live from solely a three-dimensional lens.

People in my Soul to Soul Circles and in my talks have asked me the best way to begin an opening to the other side. The first step is changing the way you see yourself.

Do you see yourself (and all others) as primarily a physical body and a personality that lives hopefully one full life span and then heaven evermore OR do you see yourself (and all others) as a soul with a vast "history" and an infinite "future" that is part of an unimaginable divine presence that never dies?

If the answer is the latter, then I recommend, creating a relationship with your soul. From there, create a relationship with those on the other side by announcing your willingness, readiness, openness and pure desire to connect beyond form via Soul to Soul.

Something like this most intimate offering, "My dear mother who gave me life on the beautiful earth plane, I want you to know that I know you are there, and I am ready to create a wholly (HOLY) expanded relationship with you. I invite you to connect with me regularly so that I may feel in my body your glorious presence. Show me signs. I am awake, and I will see, I will hear, and I will listen, not with my intellect, but with my heart and soul. THANK you, my beloved mother. I LOVE you to infinity and beyond..."

A few final hints for what has worked for me are: Practice Soul to Soul on the earth plane with other human beings, increase moments of SOLITUDE, increase meditative time spent in nature, and utilize uplifting music as its vibration passes easily and purely through the veil.

Much LOVE to you all!




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