12-21-12: Three Doorways!

12-21-12: Three Doorways!

Well, it is finally upon us, the BIG day called—12-21-12—and there are perhaps only three main versions of its meaning:

Apocalypse/Doomsday/Beginning of the End

No Meaning/Myth/Same Old, Same Old

Consciousness Shift/New Dawn/Book of LOVE

As for my interpretation, since I allow for multiple perspectives and truths to share the same space, it is going to be ALL THREE at once depending on how one views the coming decades. Since I fully and completely fall in the third camp, it is the only vantage point that I feel compelled and available to share with others today.

While there are many, many around the world who are in agreement with my third choice assessment of 12-21-12, there are also many, many who are not.

So, as always, I share today only what is in my heart after twenty-plus years on the self-exploration/spiritual development/personal growth trail which has included everything from deep, individual meditation to studying past and present spiritual masters to group channelings of spirit guides.

Yes, it runs the gamut and is a path, my path, that has greatly shaped my viewpoint on this topic.

Basically, I see 12-21-12 as a time where a shift in consciousness (for those who deeply desire it—never forced upon anyone) from a more five-sensory relationship with others, including our large cultural systems, gradually moves into a more six-sensory one, primarily based in LOVE and ONENESS.

We are at an open doorway, a tipping point, where centuries of seed-planting is beginning to come to fruition. Enough momentum through the number of like-minded human beings has turned the tide to begin an upliftment of individuals and institutions worldwide.

In other words, the message of the masters who have walked among us in human form has become much more accessible and available for all to really hear and live. This shift, over time, will affect ALL aspects of societies around the globe and is both simple and complex, at once.

Counterintuitive to what 12-21-12 represents, the coming years, from a solely human perspective, for most, will likely seem at times uncomfortable, painful, sad, fearful, and ambiguous, at best.

Paradoxically, it will feel to so many, like societies and the institutions within them—economic, political, religious, cultural—as we have known them to be are crumbling before our very eyes.

But for those with clear sight (the capacity to read metaphorically between the physical lines) and for those with an open, trusting heart, simultaneously with the hardship on the physical plane, there will be a recognition that the breakdowns actually lead to breakthroughs as whole ways of doing things become more transparent, responsible, balanced, honest and heart-centered instead of primarily ego-centered/survivalist in nature.

Rather than settle for mere bandaids and quick fixes to solve our myriad of challenges and issues, this "new" energy leads to an eventual complete overhaul, revamp and rebuild of earthly societies based on a totally different foundation.

For me, my personal spiritual growth path of the past two decades—a lonely path even a few years back—has recently become gloriously crowded. From my perspective, that alone speaks to the huge consciousness shift at hand.

It is my feeling that while many people may want to hold on dearly to the old way of doing/perceiving/thinking/being that includes merely the physical senses, those who try to hang on too tightly to life as black/white, you are wrong/I am right, and one way/my way will have a very rough ride over the next decades.

I don't believe in coincidences, only synchronicity, so I always look for the layers "beneath" and the layers "above" physical reality. From my perspective, there are clues everywhere that tell a different story than many perceive.

For me, 12/21/12 represents the "official" doorway into a new era where more people than ever before will awaken to the multi-layered aspects of this space/time dimension known as Mother Earth.

Changes are afoot, and if peered at very closely from the lens of the soul, and if felt very deeply from the innermost space of the heart, one can feel the light shining through the seeming darkness.

Of course, much depends on how we view death/no-death, connectedness, and/both reality, multi-dimensionality and so much more.

We must each decide for ourselves the aerial viewpoint that we desire to participate in—#1, 2 or 3 from above. For it is we who will determine the meaning of 12-21-12 by living it, day-in and day-out.

No matter what your perspective come Friday and beyond, we are all in this together, and nothing can change that truth. Individuals may choose to feel separate, but even then, there will be many helping hands and open hearts available to ease the transitional "growing pains" that we are all feeling so acutely in these times.

Love, forgiveness, non-judgment, transparency, wholeness and oneness are available energetically to all of us like never before on our planet. If it resonates to do so, please join us! Either way, know that you are deeply, deeply LOVED...






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