Symptoms as Signals: Create a Friendship with Your Body

Symptoms as Signals: Create a Friendship with Your Body

My greatest passion in both my work and personal life is helping people who are open and ready to see themselves in a new, multi-dimensional light.

This is certainly not "new" work as thousands upon thousands of teachers have offered the same message for millennia, and yet, for the first time in human history, it feels totally available to all from everyday sources, such as myself, in a language that can be easily shared, and most importantly, heard.

Like bees to honey, individuals from all over the planet are shifting from a primarily left-brain, rational, analytical focus to a greater life balance that includes an intuitive, whole, soul-centered (right-brain) approach to life, death and everything in between.

Once life has been glimpsed from this expanded vantage point, there's no going back to a more linear, limited view of reality.

Perhaps one of the fastest growing areas to exhibit this shift is in our view of health, illness and healing.

While the left brain desires to perceive illness and healing as merely a physical, chemical and scientific issue, we are being urged by the feminine (right brain) energy, just beginning to re-surge on our planet after centuries underground, to take a closer, and I mean CLOSER, look at what ails us.

As we come to see our body as a magnificent, intelligent, whole system, and by intelligent I mean KNOWING, then we see the vast importance of becoming much more attuned to what our physical home is telling us about our inner world—consciousness—via tugs, nudges, and well, symptoms.

Instead of fighting against our symptoms as is the understandable, natural tendency from a purely human perspective, the larger perspective of who we really are—spiritual beings—invites us to see symptoms in a totally new way, as signals to a possibility for expansion, growth and healing.

Now, I am fully aware that if ensconced in a purely rational, scientific mindset, this is where one stops reading, as it is often uncomfortable to hear, if one's reality is mostly left-brain thinking.

I also totally understand if an individual and/or a loved one has been through difficult and even fatal illnesses and feels most comfortable staying in the physical realm of reality rather than delving into the soul realm. I accept that and truly wish those individuals peace and joy in their perspective.

But what I am seeing in my work, is that many, many individuals are longing to address the root layer of illness rather than simply stay atop the physical layer that is dealt with and possibly "treated" by modern medicine.

And because often traditional medicine is not onboard, this can seem a difficult task without encouragement from those who are fully open to a right-brain approach that complements the left. This is where I (and many others) come in!

While there is much help available in today's world to assist us in uncovering the larger perspective of our symptoms, one thing that each of us can do beginning TODAY is to create a much closer relationship—a deep camaraderie and friendship—with our very own body.

By this I mean, spend time each day acknowledging the truly astounding vehicle that is OUR beautiful body.

Dialogue with her regularly. Yes, talk to our cells and recognize all that they so easily, knowingly and lovingly do for us.

Spend time in quiet relationship with each specific part of our body, validating its presence as an essential aspect of the glorious whole.

Thank the intelligent cells in our body that KNOW when a symptom is necessary, and in what particular part of the body, to create the perfect clue to a deeper understanding of something that needs a closer look in our consciousness.

Let our body know that WE, not a doctor or a healer, are ready, willing and able to listen to what it is telling us.

We can create a friendship with our body NOW inviting it to be more consciously included in our life.

The fact that I am not a doctor or a scientist may turn some people away from my message, and that's more than okay. But that's actually really the whole point of my message.

In many ways while science and traditional medicine continue to be highly beneficial in too many ways to mention here, the time has also come to expand the way we view healing and illness, and as I share here today, it is an intimate, personal relationship with our own body that comes from a knowing deep within that leads to ultimate healing.

No one can offer us that but through our own willingness.

As I know examples are important, I'll give you a few from my own life. Yes, I am now an open book. That's what blogging tends to do to people, and becoming more vulnerable in this world has benefitted me tremendously!

1) Horrific eczema on my lower legs (yes, the itchy as hell, I won't scratch-but I HAVE to, bloody welts-kind) for over a year and a half left me cranky, embarrassed and exhausted. After numerous dermatologists and several tubes of steroid creams that offered only temporary relief, I took matters into my own hands. I felt a strong desire to see a hypnotherapist. After a three hour appointment and a huge epiphany that night upon my return home, I wept as I understood the hidden emotional root of the affliction. The eczema disappeared within three days, completely, and never to return.

2) During my nine month back trouble, my relationship and love for my body actually increased tenfold. Never before had I been forced to be so gentle with and seek out through my own body what the nerves and tissue in my leg and lower back were trying to tell me. That time period of intense uncomfortability and pain, in a way that may seem difficult to understand, created within me a gratitude for my body and all that it offers me like I have never known. Those symptoms/signals led me to forge a deeper path through my own interior which I had never dared embark on before to a blessed meeting with my soul.

3) Several years ago I knew intuitively that something was amiss in my visceral section (liver/pancreas area). No traditional doctor could detect anything wrong with me. However, three different medical intuitives/channels saw the very same thing that I felt, an energy that was not right in my abdomen. One put me on a strict vegan diet for three months to create more alkalinity and less acidity in my body, along with other inner work suggestions through which an underlying life theme was revealed. Several months later, again after much reflection, soul growth and a deepened relationship with my own body, one day I KNEW that I was healed. I went for confirmation, and indeed, the dark energy in that area had dissipated, an energy that in a dream I knew would have given me some big "trouble" a decade or so later.

I could write a whole book on this topic:) But as I know this is a blog, I will end here.

If you got to the end and nothing resonated for you, then that's very understandable and totally cool with me. I LOVE you anyway!

However, if this share of mine from just an everyday, soulful gal with no medical degree made you feel a spark of knowing deep in your interior, then I am here to offer insights and ideas, if desired.

Either way, I feel that our bodies deserve THREE BIG CHEERS!!!




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