WE Must Go First!

WE Must Go First!

WHO becomes the next president, while important, is actually far less important than each one of us individually, through our own personal development, moving from an ego-based consciousness to a heart-based one.

When I step away from the political hype and get really quiet, I know this to be the truth deep in my soul.

When I look in the mirror and into my own eyes, I know this to be the truth deep in my soul.

There is quickly going to become a time in the near future for all of us when this realization will dawn—even if it is easier to blame a leader, a legislative branch or a foreign country for our direction—the REAL work in the years ahead is our own individual enlightenment.

As we forge ahead in the twenty-first century, it is becoming abundantly clear to so many that the self-realization of a totally “new” perspective that transcends duality is not meant for only a few but rather has become a necessity for millions if we are to move forward as a species in a unified and peaceful way.

This self-realization involves a large-scale movement towards the validation, acceptance and downright enthusiasm for inner work and all things spiritual (not religious, but deeply and intimately spiritual).

Once this focus opens fully into our mainstream, worldwide culture, we will begin to see widespread changes on every level of society. Until then, no matter who our leader, the results will be mere band-aids on our unhealed collective wounds.

Most of us know who we are voting for in 2012, and absolutely, our vote is worthwhile.

And yet, I feel it would be a mistake that leads to great disappointment to believe that any one man or group of individuals can move the mountains that need to be moved in every human heart.

In many ways, elections, while democratic and well-meaning in origin, simply continue to hide the deeper issues in our own interiors, at hand.

I would LOVE a candidate to stand up and say that he cannot change for us what we can only change from within for ourselves.

WE must release ourselves from an outdated perspective that no longer serves individuals or the whole, and only we can flip the release switch by opening to the whispers of our very own soul.

Greater intimacy with our own soul will change our world. This leads to two major breakthroughs that free an individual to live true.

The first ignites the illumination process to heal the interior of psychic debris that desires to be integrated.

The second leads to a “Like a Kid in a Candy Shop” excitement to uncover and reveal our unique gifts and talents to ourselves and to the world at large.

As these two unfold, often simultaneously, our population becomes whole, and when a population becomes whole…GET READY…because now we are on our way to Peace in the Paradox!

No matter what the result at the end of the day on November 6th, I, for one, will wake UP on November 7th filled with a willingness to do my part to radiate my own truth, warmth, and LOVE to our world.

Try as we might to fix our challenges from the outside in, eventually we all must realize that it simply doesn’t work that way.

It is time for the ever-growing number of us who are truly beginning to live a heart-based consciousness after years of often hard-won integration to speak up and out, courageously and publicly, not as a preacher, but as a fellow human being who embodies it as best they can in their home, neighborhood, job and beyond…


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