Body Awareness: 10 Points to Consider

Body Awareness: 10 Points to Consider

One of the most important discussions that we can have with our children, beginning with digestible bites at the earliest of ages, is an invitation to view their own body as a most treasured gift that is theirs to befriend, nurture and enJOY in very real ways.

Too many people needlessly remain detached from this awe-inspiring intelligent system that is truly a sacred physical vessel to be loved and adored by its inhabitant.

Imagine a world where people walked around comfortably in bodies that were acknowledged as the magnificent, personal hubs of purposeful, divine activity that they actually are... Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being would abound!

The majority of individuals recognize that they have a body, of course, that needs to be fed, cleaned and perhaps exercised, but as for a close relationship similar to one in which they may share with a dear friend or a life partner that includes, appreciation, attention, and deep, meaningful exchanges, probably not so much.

We simply are not taught to view the physical body as the powerful, connected, wise, and conscious form that many quantum biologists are recently discovering it to be.

But we can change that today and become models for our children and others in how we come to befriend our own body in a way that would have seemed crazy to most in previous generations.

Below, I offer ten points to consider when both getting to know our own body, as well as to utilize when teaching our children to do the same.

As always, I share my perspective and the experience of what has worked for me—one that has evolved over the past two decades and been cultivated within me by the help of several beautiful teachers—Pieter Van Heule, Sharyl Noday, and Julie Walker, to name a few.

Connectedness to all that occurs with my own body is a top priority day-in and day-out. I am totally responsible for its care and continued health. I may ask for outside help with certain concerns that arise, but right along with external intervention, I maintain accountability for my most intimate of relationships with my own physical vehicle.

So, the abridged list of ten! I hope it may offer some resonance for others.

1) The body offers a red light/green light navigational system that is unique to each individual. Take the time to come to know its signals. The body is privy to all that occurs and feels the truth with more accuracy than a mind (subconscious or conscious) filled with psychic debris from past experiences. Listen to the cues from your body!

2) Navigating our emotions as they arise by acknowledging, accepting, and allowing them to be fully felt without judgment is one of the surest ways to maintain a healthy body. A few things to deepen understanding of emotions:

*Based on Inner Child/Wounds from past

*Reactions to external circumstances

*Triggered from physical reality

*Manifest in physical body "negatively"

*Can be used to know ourselves better

*Point us towards healing

*Best never to repress

*Remain conscious through experience of them

3) For spiritual experience, transcending the body is not necessary as the body actually offers the greatest opportunity to become more intimate with our soul. Spirit moves through our body and can be the source of deep knowing, wisdom and ecstasy. Feelings are felt within the body. A few things to deepen understanding of feelings:

*Subtle, soul whispers

*Felt "positively" in physical body

*Intuitive based from spiritual realm

*Take us deeper and higher

*Often spontaneous

*Point us towards JOY, TRUTH, FREEDOM

*Allow to have full bloom as we experience them

4) Creating a lifelong friendship with the body through dialogue, touch, and quiet appreciation is highly responded to by the body, a large intelligent system of individual intelligent systems that are totally connected and interrelated in a holographic way and mirrors the relationship of an individual soul to ONENESS.

5) Initiating self-healing through loving, daily communication with the body greatly assists any external measures also being utilized. Get up close and personal with the body part under duress several times a day in a way that the body understands that there is tremendous love, support and attention flowing its way from an appreciative inhabitant. When stressed, the body needs our love and support rather than ire and resistance more than ever.

6) Sexuality is part of a very intimate and personal relationship with our own body. It is to be honored, celebrated and openly expressed rather than shamefully hidden. While the actual sexual act is private, the fact that we are indeed sexual beings who appreciate and enJOY sex serves us best by not being suppressed in any way, whether straight or homosexual.

7) Masturbation is a natural aspect of sexuality and from a young age children should come to understand its normalcy and to feel comfortable touching any part of their own body with love and tenderness.

8) We express our spirit through our body—dancing, hugging, touching, kissing, singing, laughing, walking, paddle boarding—are all a means of self-expression that our beautiful bodies allow. The respect and acknowledgement of our bodies should be occurring consciously and simultaneously with every single action and breath.

9) Use an outside healing modality as needed, whether a traditional or alternative one, but never give over total responsibility of healing to another. We heal our bodies from the inside out and must always remain vigilant of the role that our beliefs, thoughts and emotions play in our own well-being. Underneath the physical layer is always a root energetic layer that is our personal, inner work in achieving total wellness.

10) EnJOY your body because you understand and appreciate its tremendous gift to YOU not according to societal ideals regarding shape, size, or color. Loving our body as it is right now coupled with enthusiasm for creating healthy changes, if desired, is the optimal way to create physical well-being. We must do our part to help our body flourish. Our part is love and acceptance.

Finally, while many of us have come to feel that self-love, which then merges with a compassion for all others in a field of mind-blowing Oneness, is the pinnacle of the spiritual experience, in my years of self-exploration, it was not until I first came to have an open, loving, intimate relationship with both the individual parts, as well as the whole of my body, that I was able to ignite the self-love from deep within that I sought.

Paradoxically, greater intimacy with our body is the gateway to greater intimacy with our soul.

They are connected in a very real way just waiting patiently for US to make the connection, consciously...





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