Alcohol: HOW We Use It Most Important

Alcohol: HOW We Use It Most Important

We are a world culture that simply loves to imbibe.

I, myself, am no stranger to alcohol having enjoyed it frequently and immensely through the years.

Let's face it, most of us are brought up, through the modeling of our parents, to view drinking as just something that we do as adults. I have actually known very few adults who abstain.

Over the past few years, as I have grown in self-love, how I use alcohol has come to the forefront of my attention. What I have found for me is that drinking has two very distinct vibes. One is a fairly benign green flag vibe, and the other, not so much.

The first vibe feels celebratory, communal, joyful and full of sharing. This feels much like a let's gather for TGIF and talk about the week, world news and catch-up while sharing a few beers and a plate of nachos. (Can't ever forget the nachos!)

The second vibe, on the other hand, feels solitary, heavy, numbing and like a means of escapism in order to submerge emotions we are unwilling to face head-on.

As we move into greater consciousness, all that we think, say and do has a deeper meaning that can be felt if we allow ourselves to tune into the underlying messages.

In my life, it has become very important for me to become more conscious of how I use alcohol, as well as sugar for that matter, in that I desire to navigate my true emotions with clarity so that they do not, in turn, navigate me.

Our creativity, our social and emotional well-being, and our direct connection to our soul depends on us being a clear channel which is quite difficult to do when we numb ourselves rather than own our true feelings.

While I have no idea what conscious alcohol use would feel like for anyone else, I, for one, am training myself to honestly determine if my decision to imbibe feels like a green flag vibe or a red.

Through all of this reflection (yes, reflection is my favorite pastime—imagine that;), I have realized that I thoroughly enJOY sipping small amounts of certain alcohol with specific types of food.

I love a beer with Mexican or Asian cuisine, and likewise, a robust glass of red wine with Italian food, steak or dark chocolate is always a thrill.

But when I imbibe with a meal, I notice that it is a minimal size and used specifically to sip, bite, savor and repeat. This tasty ritual feels good as it moves through my body, as well as deep within me. It does not elicit the barely detectable thread of anxiety that comes from drinking as a means of de-stressing.

All in all, drinking is no different then anything else that we choose to spend energy, time, and money pursuing.

And as with everything, it has its light and dark aspects.

Interestingly, I have come to realize that, again for me, too much meditation, exercise, reading and many other so called "good for you" pursuits can be a form of escapism, as well.

The important point is that we come to know ourselves fully, and to do that, we must become quite conscious of the tugs and pulls of our soul that our emotions lead us towards.

Anything in life that serves to numb our emotions, in the end, does not serve us at all.

So I say enjoy drinking, from my perspective hopefully more in moderation than not (although every now and then I still do really like a crazy night with good friends), but do so consciously and with a feeling of self-love in your heart.

If you tend to drink under the red flag vibe, then I encourage you not to be afraid to get help to look more closely at the emotions that alcohol use is trying to stuff down.

Inner work comes in many, many modalities to suit all personalities, and once begun, the self-exploration path will become known to you as a beautiful and blessed one.

CHEERS to all of us as we come to embrace utilizing alcohol only when we feel that green flag vibe!

We are all in this together facing many of the same challenges that invite us to either face or deny what desires to be healed from our past.

And well, if it's indeed a red flag that we feel when deciding whether or not to imbibe, then feel grateful for the external cue to look within rather numb down.

It is my absolute belief that we are all worth more than that...



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