Mother's Day: An Open Letter to My Mom

Mother's Day: An Open Letter to My Mom

Dear Mom,

I write to you tonight to acknowledge the profound influence that you have had on my life. Mere words cannot convey my deep love for you, and yet, it is worth a try.

There are four major areas in my life where you have perhaps made the greatest impact; however, being my mom, you have indeed touched and influenced, in some way, every aspect of my life.

First and foremost, from the very beginning you taught me tolerance of others. I cannot remember a time when I did not think of my actions and words in regard to other people. This compassion was instilled in me by you at a very early age. I was a witness to this loving kindness and patience with others' foibles in most all of your interactions.

From you, not only was I able to hear a sermon, but I was able to SEE a continuous sermon, as well. As I look back, I realize that these "sermons" shaped tremendously my view of myself and the world. Kindness is the only way...

The second area in which you have influenced me greatly is the importance of my health and the health of Mother Earth. I realize that much of what I tout on these topics today has their humble beginnings back in Norfolk, VA when I was quite young. Your views on our sacred bodies and this bountiful planet upon which we live are now much more accepted by the mainstream.

What a gift to have been exposed so vehemently to these ideas at such a tender age. Because they were infused with love, they were taken to heart and integrated into a lived reality for me and now, hopefully, for my children, as well.

The third area where your influence has been profound is in my role as a mother. Now that I am a mother, I realize what an all-important and most difficult job it truly is. Through my years of being mothered by you, I learned how to be a good mother myself. I am especially grateful for this lesson because I know that it was hard won in your own life.

Perhaps your greatest achievement has been, against all odds, breaking the cycle of dysfunctional mothering. You were only nineteen when your first child was born, and somehow, you managed to be a mother who unconditionally loved. From my own experience as a mother, I know that this is quite an accomplishment.

Thank you for your availability to me throughout my childhood and beyond. Thank you for now loving my children in the same way and as your own. Thank you for enhancing with love the cycle of life.

The final area that you have so greatly influenced my life is my spirituality. My passion and love for something more beautiful than can be put into words is in large part due to you. What I experience as Oneness today can be traced back to open discussions as early as I can remember about life, death and God. Feelings of gratitude were nurtured, and gifts were culled from life experiences on a regular basis.

Thank you, mom, for offering me your best...




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  • How sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  • In reply to JenChicago:

    Thanks so much, Jen! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Much JOY, Annie

  • Really it made every mom to be happy.

  • In reply to Jenita:

    Jenita, thank you for reading! Your comment made me smile:)

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