Derrick Rose: For His Sake, Please Stop Using the Word Random

Derrick Rose: For His Sake, Please Stop Using the Word Random

I just can't help myself! The endless stories on Derrick Rose have me passionately talking to myself incessantly, as well as talking my husband's ear off, so hear it goes.

The truth is, I feel that we can do better by him than continuously calling his latest injury random.

It is difficult to believe that in 2012, after a string of five injuries, that those in charge of his recovery are seemingly not doing more to connect the dots, at least publicly.

Just yesterday, his doctor voiced that the latest ACL injury has no connection to the others. And YET...

We must begin to see ourselves and others much more holistically than this lack of connection between body parts allows.

This singular focus, from my perspective, is an extremely limited view.

Everything in our body is connected to create an operational whole.

And beyond even our physical aspects that are intelligently intertwined, there is the energetic layer underneath. In other words, once a physical shift has occurred, it is the tail end of the energy change that created it.

Not unlike an inanimate object always first being created in the imagination before the steps of actual physical creation, the same is true for what shows up in our body.

There is so much work being done today on the inner/outer relationship, that it still surprises me each time I hear the word random used in regard to, well, anything.

We are so much more than we realize! We are powerful creators through and through and connected to all of life.

Please let's do more for this young man who seemingly has the capacity to utilize whatever resources are available to him for a full recovery. To isolate this one injury, without connecting it at least energetically, if not physically, to the other four injuries, in my humble opinion would be a great disservice to him.

Even his transparent GQ article raised some possible clues as to where to begin.

An MVP Award and all the attention that it garners and pressure that it creates, along with a newfound internationally public persona, followed by an incredibly injurious season should be dissected by Derrick carefully with assistance, if needed.

This interior work along with the external work to regain his full abilities would be the optimal gateway to a full recovery.

We tend to separate, isolate and label in our culture. The knee is not separate from the heart anymore than we are separate from one another.

Once this understanding becomes truly integrated deep within each one of us, we will see great changes in our world.

For Derrick's sake, please honor him as a whole human being!

Thank you, for "listening" as I simply had to get this one out...

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