Derrick Rose Injury: Insights from a Soul Nurturer

Derrick Rose Injury: Insights from a Soul Nurturer

First of all, like everyone else on the planet, I was so very sorry to hear of Derrick Rose's most recent injury. It is disappointment on a grand scale that reaches far beyond Derrick himself and can be felt in the hearts of all who see themselves in him.

It is quite obvious that so many in Chicago and around the world are sending him good vibes as he begins the grueling healing process.

While I know that he is getting all kinds of advice from knowledgable doctors of every stripe, and feel certain that he is completely covered in the physical arena with the very best care available, even beyond this realm of all that can be seen and fixed by a surgeon, I feel that there is much that can be done to navigate the inner work for total healing, as well.

I am not talking necessarily about the more traditional methods of emotional processing that are deemed most acceptable in the eyes of the majority. Rather, I am addressing the largest aspect of Derrick Rose that is far greater than the personality and physical body that we know him to be today.

The possibility for greater intimacy with this largest aspect of himself—his very own soul—has just been opened in a way that few really want to look at, especially in the mainstream media. But here it is, amidst tremendous disappointment, lush fertile ground for the man himself, as well as the public who adores him to look more closely at the hidden aspects of themselves in an effort to consciously self-realize to a larger degree.

I would never presume to know what it feels like to be in someone else's shoes, so dear readers, please know that I share from my heart simply as a fellow human being who happens to appreciate greatly life experiences where we can feel both the pain and fear of being human coupled with and SIMULTANEOUSLY a deep knowing that a powerful period in a soul's incarnation has arrived.

Transformation, the kind that will be forever etched in a soul's overall history as a time of expansive growth, often comes when we have been dropped to our knees in great anguish and deep despair. Those solitary moments when we have been pushed up against a seemingly unmovable wall are viewed as a glorious opening for the soul.

For within the human experience, the moments of uncertainty and doubt hold the greatest possibility for soul evolution. It is only from a human perspective that we label life experiences as good or bad. We are not being called to transcend the human perspective, but rather to allow the vast, eternal perspective to SHARE the same space with it. It is called peace in the paradox.

Not that I have been asked by Derrick Rose to do so, but as a soul nurturer blessed to have a forum such as this blog and social media on which to share, I offer from one soul to another, my heartfelt insights to dear Derrick.

1) I would begin dialoguing with my knee, and whole body for that matter, immediately. Create an open, ongoing relationship filled with deep love, appreciation and affection for all that the exquisitely intelligent cells in your body do for you moment to moment. Caress your knee and gently invite your knee to heal. Thank the intelligence that is your knee for all that it has done for you and will continue to do for you in the future. Express your heartfelt understanding that the cells in your knee have their work cut out for them and that you are here to ease the pain and work as hard as you can to care for them properly throughout this healing process and beyond. In other words, create a very personal, intimate relationship of love and support with your own body.

2) Once the surgery is complete, beyond all of the strenuous physical therapy, I recommend making inner work a priority, too. That work is never done! There is always more to uncover in the deep recesses of our being and often injury to the body is a beautiful sign that the soul is ready for more—the time to widen perspective and know thyself more deeply has arrived. There are many in the Chicago-area who can assist with this process. I, as well as many others in my sphere, have had much inner work facilitated by medical intuitives and channels who can ever so gently assist you in making the emotional connection to the physical ailment. Everything is connected! Life energy never lines up and randomly manifests. There are no freak accidents. The second layer of reality—the unseen, energetic layer—offers a wide lens view of life circumstances and is well-worth delving into for total healing.

I know that I may seem like a soul fanatic. Some of you may even want me to shut up already.

All I can say is that the process of exploring my own interior more deeply is my greatest source of JOY.

I share not in an "I know better" kinda way, but truly as an individual who desires to contribute to the world from my own place of truth. What feels right for me may not feel right to anybody else, and I am more than okay with that truth.

It is just my hope that we are all willing to know our own truth and offer it through any means available to us to assist others, if possible, within the human experience.

It is not easy for any of us freedom loving spirits, this being in a physical body gig, and yet, individuated physicality offers unprecedented opportunity for each of us to discover and to feel the truth of heaven right within our own interior.

D. Rose, you are loved and supported! Thank YOU for your contribution—your fluid physicality is most certainly a JOY to behold...




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